Places to Throw a Huge Dance Party in Paducah, Kentucky

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If you are planning to throw a huge dance party in Paducah, Kentucky, numerous venues are available to host your affair. Before looking for a venue, consider what type of site you want. Banquet halls and ballrooms provide larger spaces in more formal environments. Music clubs offer dance floors suited for a large crowd. Resorts on nearby Kentucky Lake offer outdoor and informal options.

Banquet Halls and Ballrooms

Banquet halls and ballrooms offer large spaces for dance parties. These venues offer a formal feel that can be easily customized with a huge dance floor, lighting and other decorations to provide a more party-like atmosphere. The Carson Center ( is a performing arts center in Paducah that offers indoor banquet halls and ballrooms, and an outdoor terrace for party rentals. Madison Hall Ballroom and Banquet Facility ( can hold up to 250 people for a dance party.


Nightclubs are already designed to accommodate the equipment necessary to hold a huge dance party, and have the necessary dance floors and lighting. Pure Country (, Crawdaddy's (no website; 2055 Irvin Cobb Dr., Paducah; 270-444-9995) and Brickhouse Discotheque (no website; 901 Boyd St., Paducah; 270-442-5916) are three club options in the Paducah area. The clubs offer their own show schedules and are not always available for private parties.


Consider a restaurant for the dance party. Restaurants often offer large event spaces and party catering. The Patio Dining Room (no website; 1 Executive Blvd., Paducah, KY 42001) offers buffet options and contains an outdoor party space. The local Outback Steakhouse ( contains a room for rent that can hold up to 200 people for dinner and a large dance party. Rock Bottom (no website; 2900 James Sanders Blvd., Paducah, KY 42003) is a local bar that offers party space as well.


Kentucky Lake is home to numerous resorts that offer space to throw a huge dance party. The Moors Resort and Marina ( offers "The Meeting Room," which can provide a rustic feel to your dance party. Green Turtle Bay Resort and Marina ( includes indoor rooms with an outdoor pavilion to hold a dance party indoors and outdoors at the same time. Many of Kentucky's State Parks offer large meeting rooms that can also be used for dance parties.

Other Party Locations

Consider non-traditional locations for a dance party. Kingsway Skateland ( is a large roller-skating rink in Paducah. The skating floor could provide the perfect dance floor for your party. The Paducah Regional Sports Plex ( offers turf and gym space that can be used as a dance floor for more than 400 people.

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