Places to Go on a Sunny Day

by Scott Cornell

When the weather is nice, it's typical for people to want to get out of the house and enjoy the day. But where to go and what to do is the question. Where you live can also have an impact on your decision. However, many communities feature various destinations to help people get outdoors and enjoy the weather.

A Beach

Whether it's the ocean, a Great Lake or an inland lake, most people are within driving distance of a public beach. There you can swim, lay out in the sun, play beach sports like sand volleyball or horseshoes and even picnic. What's more is that a visit to most beaches won't break the bank. Many are operated by park organizations which charge only an entry fee, typically around $5 per vehicle, to access.

A Park

A popular warm-weather destination for families is the local park. Many communities, regardless of their size, offer parks and recreation systems. New York City, which is home to some 18.9-million people, offers the 843-acre Central Park. Conversely, the city of Fenton, MI, which is home to only about 12,000 people, offers nine parks for families to enjoy. Things to do at a park include picnicking, taking a walk, or just relaxing and people watching.

A Sporting Event

They don't call baseball America's pass time for nothing. It's also one of the few spectator sports played during the spring, summer and fall months, where sunny weather is usually in abundance. Aside from Major League Baseball's 30 teams, there are three other levels of professional minor league baseball, making it easy to find a game nearby. If you can't find a game to attend, get a ball, bat and glove and start a pick-up game of your own. Another nice weather sporting activity might include a round of golf. As of 2002, the United States is home to almost 16,000 golf courses.

A Zoo

Another sunny day excursion is taking a trip to the local zoo. Zoos are typically family-friendly and offer much more to do than just observe animals. For example, the Cincinnati Zoo includes animal encounter shows which allow guests to get even more up close and personal with animals. Guests can also watch zookeepers feed the animals and meet the zookeepers that care for the animals. Admission to the Cincinnati Zoo costs $25 for adults and $20 for children.

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