Places to Ride Go Karts in Illinois

by Ian Farquharson

Go-kart racing provides exhilarating fun, with indoor arenas and outdoor tracks catering to those who want to try the sport. Residents of Illinois can choose from a variety of entertainment complexes with go-karts available. The Chicago area, in the north of Illinois, provides a base for many of these, although other locations in the state, down to Belle Rive in the south, also have go-kart facilities.

Northwestern Region

The Volcano Falls Adventure Park (, in Loves Park, has three outdoor go-kart tracks available for visitors. These include a slick track and bridge track for older children and adults, and a smaller kiddie track for younger children. The adult karts come in single or double-seat styles, so younger children can ride as passengers on the bigger tracks. Kartville (, in Peoria, offers visitors go-kart fun on a paved outdoor track that caters to children and adults. Kids and grown-ups can also have fun driving two-seat dune buggies, which run on dirt tracks around the facility.

Northeastern Region

The Melrose Park Indoor Grand Prix ( has a 130,000 square foot complex, with an indoor track for racing. Up to 14 karts can take part in a race, which typically lasts for eight minutes. The facility caters to children age 13 years and older, with all the karts featuring a similar design to ensure a level playing field for competitors. Chicago Indoor Racing ( has two go-kart locations in northeast Illinois, at Addison and Buffalo Grove, with each having two indoor tracks. The venues cater primarily to adults, although also have junior programs for 7 to 17-year-old children.

West Central Region

Knight's Action Park (, in Springfield, has a paved outdoor go-kart track available for visitors. The karts have a "mini NASCAR" style, reach speeds of around 15 mph and kids of 12 years or older can race in them. Two outdoor go-kart tracks at Gateway Fun Park ( enable all ages to race. The Gateway Racetrack allows kids 58-inches and taller to race on a larger circuit, while the smaller Kiddies Track caters to children from 4 to 9-years-old.

East Central Region

Grady's Family Fun Park (, in Bloomington, has a variety of amusements for visitors. This includes an outdoor go-kart track, which caters to ages 12 years and older, although drivers must have a height of at least 58 inches to take part. Karts come in single-seat or two-seat styles, with the two-seat models allowing passengers ages 6 years or older to ride along.

Southern Region

The Bellerive Speedway ( lies around 10 miles east of Mt. Vernon, in Belle Rive. Its outdoor dirt track features regular Friday-night races, between April and October, for go-kart racers who take the sport a little more seriously. Riders in a few different classifications rack up points for their performances each week, with the series winners receiving prizes for their efforts. The facility has a kart shop on-site, which has supplies for the racers.

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