Places to Rent for a 13-Year Old's Birthday Party

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Arrange a slumber party at a local hotel.

Arrange a slumber party at a local hotel.

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The 13th birthday is a special event in the life of any youth. She has left behind her younger childhood years and has crossed the threshold between preteen and teenager. Use one of her favorite hobbies or interests to plan a celebration for her and her best friends at a local rental venue for a 13th birthday party she will not soon forget.


Arrange for a small group of friends to spend a night celebrating a 13th birthday at a nearby hotel. Book a room or a suite for the group and then book an adjoining room to stay close by without camping out in the same room. Enjoy a light dinner at the hotel's restaurant and then spend the evening swimming in the on-site pool or relaxing in the whirlpool tub. As night time approaches, the group can retire to the room or suite for a late night of watching movies, ordering room service and catching up on teenage gossip.

Movie Theater

From romance and comedy to mystery and horror, there is almost always a film for teenagers playing at the movie theater. Reserve an entire auditorium at a local movie theater for a private group viewing of a much-anticipated new film. Start the event with a dinner from the theater's concession stands and then provide each guest with popcorn, candy and drinks to enjoy throughout the movie. For smaller party groups, many theaters offer party packages with a private room for food and gifts before the movie, and reserved seating in the auditorium to enjoy the film.

Recreation Center

Rent a room at a local recreation center with a swimming pool for a party group with plenty of teenage energy to spare. Divide the group into two teams as they arrive for a friendly game of basketball or volleyball and then move the party to the swimming pool to cool off with a game of water volleyball or some swimming races. When each guest has expended his energy, return to the rented room for a pizza dinner, cupcakes and gifts.

Banquet Hall

Reserve a banquet hall for a large party group and turn the venue into a teenage dance club. Rent a high quality sound system and a karaoke machine for the brave attendees, or hire a disc jockey to keep the group entertained throughout the event. Hang black lights on the ceiling and include a note in the invitations to wear white for a glowing night of fun. Serve simple finger foods, such as nachos, fruit platters and small sandwiches, and let the group spend the entire evening dancing or singing. For extra entertainment, rent a video screen for the group's favorite music videos.

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