Places to Meet Singles

by Leslie Nierste
Head to your local coffee shop and scope out the single crowd.

Head to your local coffee shop and scope out the single crowd.

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Meeting single people in your community may seem like a challenge, but it could be you are simply looking in the wrong places. Head out to one of several community locations and bring out your inner extrovert and a big smile in order to meet some new, hopefully single, people.

Coffee Shops

Scope out your community for busy coffee shops. Bring a book or a newspaper, order your favorite café drink, and keep your eye out for singles. Greet everyone who walks through the door with a friendly smile in order to make your presence known to all the other coffee shop patrons. If you see someone you are interested in, ask her about her own book, make a comment about the news, or simply compliment something she is wearing. See if this leads to a conversation. Don't wait for someone else to make the first move, but if someone does, keep an open mind and see where it goes. If you like the person, ask her to meet you at the coffee shop at another time to have another conversation.

Religious Houses

Religious houses, such as churches or synagogues, often host singles nights on their premises. This option is good for those looking for a single person with similar religious interests. Check your own place of worship's schedule for such events; if yours does not currently host one, offer to organize one. You may meet a fellow volunteer who catches your eye.

Special Interest Groups

If religion or coffee isn't your thing, take a moment to think about what is. Do you write? Do you like motorcycles? Running? Movies? Pin down a few key interests and join a special group related to that interest. Look for or start a running group in your community, take a writing class, go to a film festival, or head out to a motorcycle show. Do you have children? Go to a single parents organization for support and the chance to meet someone special.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer in a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, orphanage, animal shelter or hospital. Not only will you be putting yourself in a place with many new people, but you'll feel great from helping out and contributing to your community. Be involved with the work, but keep your eye out for other single volunteers.

Bars and Clubs

If you prefer a lively night scene, head to a couple of bars and clubs during the weekend. Bars and clubs often house a great deal of single people with their friends looking to meet new people. Order a drink and look around for someone you may be interested in. Consider buying that person a drink, striking up a conversation or asking for a dance.

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