Places to Have a Karaoke Birthday Party in NYC

by Olivea Shure
Plan your next party at a karaoke establishment in New York City.

Plan your next party at a karaoke establishment in New York City.

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New York City offers a wide range of establishments to celebrate a karaoke birthday party, from unlimited drinks in a clublike atmosphere to an intimate setting with a few close friends. Several establishments throughout New York City offer an array of specials and party packages to accommodate various karaoke party preferences. Whether it's a theme party for the kids or an elaborate birthday extravaganza, there are a variety of karaoke bars and lounges to choose from.


Biny ( is a Japanese restaurant as well as a karaoke bar in the heart of SoHo. They have various buffet and prix-fixe items on their menu with karaoke specials throughout the year. Biny also has bar specials and seven private karaoke rooms with minimum spending according to the room size and the particular day of the week. Another Soho karaoke bar, Baby Grand (, differs from Biny in that there are no private rooms and is a smaller-scaled bar. To reserve space for a birthday party, you have to reserve the entire establishment, which accommodates up to 25 people.

Times Square

Pulse Karaoke Lounge and Suites ( is a premiere karaoke joint in Times Square that caters to clientele who prefer upscale surroundings. The establishment encompasses six private rooms equipped with a variety of multimedia options including a professional sound system, wireless microphones, large flat-screen TVs, DVDs, Direct TV, internet and internet streaming capabilities. The atmosphere is very modern featuring multicolored LED lighting throughout. They offer several packages at a per-person rate that includes appetizers and unlimited drinks.

Upper East side

Iggy's ( on the Upper East Side of Manhattan mixes the energy of a sports bar with karaoke. You will be welcomed by their renowned 100-foot bar that leads into a large room with tables along the walls. There's also a dance floor area that faces a small stage. Iggy's also offers karaoke parties for kids complete with healthy kid-friendly food and a variety of party themes including Princess Party, Disco Diva and Pirates of the Caribbean. They also offer their party planning assistance and will coordinate every aspect of the party.


Japas38 ( caters mostly to private parties. They have 12 private rooms for up to 35 people and over 107,000 song listings in multiple languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and English, with 1000 new songs added each month. Japas38 also offers authentic Japanese food such as sushi, rice bowls and noodles. Another midtown favorite is Duet 35 (, which is located alongside their sister midtown location, Duet 48. Both establishments have 12 to 16 private rooms depending on the location that they rent by the hour. The largest room fits up to 30 people and is equipped with a 50-inch projection TV, 100Wx2 speakers, dancing space and a large disco light. Much like Japas38, Duet has a wide range of constantly updated song selections in multiple languages.

Outer Boroughs

There aren't as many places to host karaoke parties in the city's outer boroughs. However, in Queens there are a couple places that offer private rooms with chic modern amenities. One venue, Karaoke Shout (, is located in Astoria offers several party rooms with touch panel remote controls and colorful LED lighting throughout.


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