Places to Inline Skate in Buffalo, New York

by Leslie Renico

In wintry parts of the country, cold temperatures and snowy conditions can make outdoor inline skating unpleasant. In Buffalo, New York, you can join up with an inline skating club that practices outdoors for five months of the year. However, there are also some rinks where inline skaters gather during the icy months to stay fresh with their technique.

Delaware Park

From May to September, Buffalo Inline Speed is just one club that meets at Delaware Park, which features a 1.8 mile skating loop that goes around the park and adjacent golf course. The park entrance is off Parkside Avenue near Highway 198. There is also a parking lot where you can practice turns, stops, going backward and other matters of technique.

New Skateland Roller Rink

Located at 33 E. Ferry Street in Buffalo, New Skateland has been open since 1984. The rink is open to roller skating and inline skating and you can work on your skills during public skate sessions when the weather is inhospitable outside. Call (716) 882-2104 to find out the current schedule for public skate times.

Eastern Hills Skating Center

Located in the suburb of Williamsville at 4657 Transit Road, Eastern Hills Skating Center ( offers another indoor alternative for inline skaters in the Buffalo area. Closed for the summer, Eastern Hills reopens on Oct. 1 for the cold-weather season. Call (716) 633-6060 for public skating times.

Arcadia Roller Skating Rink

Located at 30 E. Amherst Street, the Arcadia Roller Skating Rink offers "Old School Night" on Sunday nights as well as birthday parties and public skate times throughout the week. Call (716) 204-0137 to find out current scheduling for public skating sessions.

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