Places to Impress a Girl

by Kyra Sheahan

You won't impress a girl by taking her out for dinner and a movie. Whether it's your first, second or fifth date, you don't want to fall back on the old cliche date spots that will make her think, "been there, done that." Instead, come up with places to take your date that will impress her and spark her interest.

The Great Outdoors

You can impress a girl by showing off your knowledge of the great outdoors. That is, if you happen to be the outdoorsy type. You can plan a picnic for the two of you to sit in the grass overlooking the city. Alternatively, take a small hike in the woods, or go apple picking in an orchard, followed by a picnic at a romantic landing spot in the wilderness. Not only does this show your date your nature side, but she'll also be wowed by your sense of preparedness, from planning the outdoor activities to preparing the picnic food.

Museums and Exhibits

Taking your girl to an art museum or a traveling exhibit that happens to be in town is a good way to impress her. She'll appreciate your creative idea for a date and the fact that you know a thing or two about the artists or photographers on display. You may find that the two of you share an appreciation for a particular style of art, and you can show off your ability to interpret what the artists were feeling when they created their masterpieces. You know, your sensitive side.

The Luxurious Experience

You can impress a girl by setting up a luxurious experience for the two of you. A classy dinner on a yacht restaurant will let her know that you enjoy spoiling her. Or purchase balcony seats to the opera and pick her up for your date in a rented limousine. If you want something a little less extravagant, but still luxurious, then reserve a private room in a restaurant, where you'll have your own servers and a pre-ordered five- or seven-course meal. Class, all the way, is an effective strategy for wowing your woman.

Amusement Parks or Fairs

Going to an amusement park or fair together gives you the chance to impress your girl with your thirst for adventure. At an amusement park you can ride the scary, crazy rides, show off your skills at the carnival games and win your girl some oversize stuffed animals. The two of you can run into each other on the bumper car track, and you can teach her how to perfect her go-kart driving abilities.

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