Places to Hold a Sweet 16 in Delaware

by Lauren Griffin

For many teenage girls, a Sweet 16 birthday is a good reason to celebrate. Big birthday bashes are held throughout the country, including in tiny Delaware. Luckily, the state of Delaware is home to a variety of venues, from ornate ballrooms to low-key parks, ensuring that a girl's Sweet 16 celebration can suit her individual preferences, making her day truly special.

Ballrooms and Conference Centers

The large spaces offered by ballrooms, conferences centers and other similar venues are a perfect fit for large Sweet 16 celebrations. Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington ( and the University of Delaware in Newark ( both offer spacious ballrooms that ensure that even the biggest bashes are not too cramped. With their ornate interiors, shiny dance floors and delicious catered food, hosting a Sweet 16 at a ballroom promises to be a classy affair.

Cultural and Artistic Locations

Sixteen-year-olds looking to give their guests a more cultural or artistic experience have a number of venues to pick from in Delaware. Teens who love art can throw a party at the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington ( Celebrate over an impressive coral reef or surrounded by beautiful scenes of wildlife at the Delaware Museum of Natural History ( The Hagley Museum and Library, also in Wilmington, boasts luscious lawns, historic buildings and spacious interiors that are well-suited for teens who want to eat, dance and celebrate a birthday in a gorgeous venue rich with history (

Bowling Alleys and Skating Rinks

Some 16-year-olds prefer to celebrate their event with a low-key fiesta, having fun with their friends as opposed to a lavish affair that includes dining and dancing. For an entertaining evening of retro fun, celebrate at one of Delaware's bowling alleys, such as Bowlerama in New Castle ( or Brunswick Zone in Dover or Newark ( Other teens can strap on skates and show off their skating moves at an ice rink. With a party planned at a rink such as the Dover Skate Center ( or The Pond in Newark (, athletic teens can have a blast skating, dancing and spending time with their friends.

The Great Outdoors

Rather than packing the party inside, celebrate a Sweet 16 in the great outdoors. The Delaware coastline offers stunning beaches that make a beautiful location for a range of Sweet 16 celebrations, from a formal tent party to a relaxed barbecue and bonfire. A number of Delaware's state parks offer locations to hold an outdoor Sweet 16 in some of the most beautiful spots in the state ( A proper celebration doesn't even have to mean leaving your own home: Try jazzing up the backyard with colorful lights, festive lanterns, exciting music and a spread of food to host your own Sweet 16.

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