Places That Are Haunted in De Soto, Missouri

by Shelly Barclay

De Soto, Missouri, is a city in Jefferson County, south of St. Louis. It was once part of the Louisiana Territory. De Soto became a part of the United States in 1803 and a city in 1869. The city is home to several alleged ghosts, some of which inhabit homes that date back to the city's origins.

Old St. Louis Road

Old St. Louis Road is reportedly a former connecting route between Farmington and St. Louis. Local legend has it that thousands of people died on the road while it was in use. Today, those people allegedly haunt the road. There have been reports of a female voice screaming, ghostly voices talking, a bloody man coming out of the woods, ghostly fingers touching visitors and the sounds of people walking on the road.

Haunted Slave House on Vineland Road

There is an abandoned house on Vineland Road in De Soto, Missouri that is reportedly haunted. The former owner allegedly kept slaves in the home, which may be the cause of the haunting. There are reports of visitors hearing voices and seeing strange lights. There is also a rumor that the house will trap those who enter the driveway without going straight through a set of columns there forever.

East Kelley Street

From roughly 1915 to 1921, a woman wearing black lingered on the street corners of De Soto, Missouri. It is unclear whether she was a ghostly apparition, a woman of the night or just a resident who had a reason to be on the street corners. However, there is a story that she was a jilted wife who was spying on her husband. A similar woman -- who some believe is the same woman -- haunts East Kelley Street on the bridge and around the old depot. Some say her name was Shrum, but it is unclear from where knowledge of her identity comes.

The Arlington Bed and Breakfast Inn

In 1860, the De Soto Inn opened at 207 East Main Street in De Soto, Missouri. The building still exists, but the name of the inn is now Arlington Bed and Breakfast Inn. The only part of this building that appears to be haunted is the basement. There are reportedly orbs in photos of the basement, but there is no information about specific hauntings in the basement and none regarding the rest of the building.

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