Places to Go Ghost Hunting in Missouri

by Kristy Ambrose
The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, a city that enjoys many ghost stories.

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, a city that enjoys many ghost stories.

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Missouri is a state with a long history that includes many tragic stories. Early colonial violence, slavery and Civil War upheaval have made Missouri a fertile ground for ghost hunting. It's possible that you may find yourself in Missouri with a few hours to kill. One method of diversion in Missouri is ghost hunting, and throughout the state there are several options for doing so. There are also several organizations in Missouri that hunt for or do research on ghosts and paranormal activity that can guide an amateur ghost hunter.

The Ozarks

The rugged Ozark Mountains are the origin of many tragic ghost stories from colonial times. Knob Noster Mountain is where a ghost hunter can find the "ghost light," the otherworldly lantern of a hermit who died mysteriously during a thunderstorm. These misty mountains are also home to the Ozark Madonna, an apparition often seen carrying a baby that died tragically during a domestic dispute. A hike through the ridges and hills of the Ozark Mountains is one way to hunt for ghosts in Missouri.

The Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion in St. Louis apparently inspired the "Exorcist" movies and has secured a place on Troy Taylor's "America's Most Haunted Places" list ( The history of the Lemp Family, who made their fortune brewing some of the first lager beers in St. Louis, is both inspiring and tragic. Many deaths and other assorted tragic events took place in the mansion, and creepy tales of the family members not at rest extend to the nearby Bellefontaine Cemetery where the Lemp family crypt is located.

The James Family Farm

Jesse James was an outlaw who left his mark on Missouri in many ways. It all began with his family farm near Kearney. Like many other farms in the area, the James' family history is sordid enough without the chilling stories of Zerelda Cole James Sims Samuel and her three husbands. She also used the farm to aid and harbor her outlaw sons. Present-day indications of an ongoing haunting include moving lights, mysterious hoof beats and disembodied voices.

The Yeakley Cemetery

A scenic stretch of Route 66 that runs between Springfield and Carthage is where a ghost hunter can find one of the oldest cemeteries along the famous highway. The Yeakley Cemetery was established in 1852; it's still functioning chapel was built in 1887. This stretch of highway itself is equally ghostly, dotted with abandoned towns that predate Route 66.

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