Places to Fish in Poteau, Oklahoma

by Jennifer Gibbons
Poteau, Oklahoma, lies in a fertile river valley.

Poteau, Oklahoma, lies in a fertile river valley.

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Poteau lies in the southeastern part of Oklahoma in LeFlore County. It lies on the banks of a river bearing the same name. This little town nestled in the river valley and framed by mountains first prospered as a coal mining community. Today people visit the region to take in the scenic beauty and enjoy nature. Poteau is also known for its world-class fishing. Visitors to the area will find plenty of opportunities to cast out a line.

Lost Poteau River

The Lost Poteau River lies about 3 miles from Poteau. The variety of fish include trout, rock bass and carp. Suggested baits are minnows, crickets and larvae. The best bite times at Lost Poteau are early in the morning and early afternoon. The nearest bait shop is H & P Tackle in Panama.

Long Lake Resort

Long Lake Resort ( offers private fishing in its two 50-acre lakes -- Long Lake and Terrell Lake. Both lakes are stocked with catfish, sunfish, crappie and largemouth bass. Bank fishing is free if you're staying at the resort, and fishing trips, including boat, motor and tackle, are available. The resort is just south of Poteau and offers daily rentals.

Creek Fishing

There are over 25 creeks in and near Poteau. Town Creek is the nearest at just over a mile away. It's available for public fishing, and a trip here is likely to yield white catfish, blue gill and sucker fish. Early mornings are the best time to cast a line here, and good baits are maggots and earthworms. Another nearby creek is McMurtrey Creek where bass and steelhead trout bite early in the morning and mid-afternoon.


There are also several dams in the area that make for good fishing. Cavanal Lake Dam is the closest to Ponteau at just over 6 miles away. Early morning is good time to fish for carp, sucker fish or sturgeon. Other nearby dams include Gaither Lake Dam and the New Spiro Lake Dam where varieties of fish include sockeye salmon and whitefish.

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