Places to Fish near Parsons, New York

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Central Park is near Parsons and offers a fishing opportunity.

Central Park is near Parsons and offers a fishing opportunity.

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Parsons, New York, is a section of New York City in the Manhattan borough. Fishing in Parsons is impossible since the area is landlocked; however fishing near Parsons is not only possible but encouraged. Fishing areas in Central Park and off the coasts of Manhattan island are regulated by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

Central Park Lake

This lake is on the east side of Central Park. The lake is freshwater and anglers often pull largemouth bass, panfish, carp and other species from the water. Veteran anglers fish near beginners and families who are enjoying a day of catch-and-release fishing. No fish are to be removed from the water permanently and must be returned to the water unharmed. NYC Department of Parks and Recreation requires all hooks used within the city to be barbless.

Harlem Meer

Harlem meer, located north of Parsons, is an area just above Central Park where fishing poles are loaned to anglers who do not bring their own for catch-and-release fishing. Fish varieties include largemouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, bluegill sunfish and chain pickerel. The meer is home to other aquatic animals, but New York City requires all animals to be left in their natural habitats.

The East River

Fishing in the East River, which lies just east of Parsons, yields such saltwater fish such as striped bass, eel and bluefish, among others. Again, the East River is within the city limits, so it is strictly catch-and-release. The barbless rule does not apply to the river, however, as some fish reach over 15 pounds. Chartered boats and ports for personal fishing boats are available along Manhattan's southern coastline near Parsons.

New York City Fishing Basics

The NYC Department of Parks and Recreation prefers anglers to use chartered fishing boats; however, docks are available for personal boats. Other freshwater fishing areas are posted as official city fishing areas. If an area is labeled as a swimming area or other natural water area, fishing is not allowed. Anglers need to obtain a fishing license from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to legally fish in New York City.

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