Places to Take Bridal Portraits in Dallas

by Scott Cornell

A wedding day is a treasured occasion. And one of the most treasured items from that day are the pictures. Bridal portrait shots are a popular way to commemorate the occasion. While portraits normally focus on the bride, the groom and wedding party can be included as well. Such shots can be taken indoors or outdoors. Many brides have them taken at local attractions in their area. The Dallas, Texas, area features several locations for such shots.


The rose and Japanese gardens found at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden ( feature 66 acres of lawns and gardens, wells and water, lake views, 19th-century cabins and bridges for photo shoots. Wedding parties can reserve the gardens in four-hour increments. There are additional costs for brides and wedding parties that need to get ready or change on site.

The City

Downtown Dallas is an ideal place to take bridal portraits for brides who don't want staged, or posed pictures, according to Wedding Wishes. For example, rather than posing for set shots, brides and grooms can be captured interacting as they move down a city street, sit outside at a coffee shop or walk past some of the city's more well-known buildings, like city hall. Since there's so much space to work with, city locations allow the photographer to capture more candid photos.

A Park

Parks allow photographers to include a bit of everything in their shots. For example, aside from trees and quaint, natural settings, there's typically also streams and lakes located within parks. Trinity Park ( in nearby Fort Worth features a duck pond and miniature train. It is located on the banks of the Trinity River. Wedding Wishes says that there are also several graffiti-ridden bridges located within the park limits, which allows photos to be taken with an urban-like feel.

On the Water

While there are dozens of lakes and streams in the Dallas area, none provide as unique a setting for bridal portraits as the Mandalay Canal. It's located in the heart of downtown Irving, Texas, and consists of a European-style waterway lined with cobblestone paths. Wedding parties can also arrange for a private cruise on the canal. According to Wedding Wishes, the canal is free for photo shoots, but wedding parties must receive a permit from the city of Irving.