Places for a Birthday Party in Winchester, Virginia

by Ted Marten

Residents in the Winchester, Virginia, area have a number of venues where they can celebrate a birthday party. Some of them -- an animal park and a children's museum -- draw on the city's location in the northern Shenandoah Valley. Activities include sports and exercise, creating artwork, feeding and watching animals, and learning about dinosaurs and natural history.

Theme Parks

Wilson's Wild Animal Park ( covers more than 20 acres and has more than 200 animals. In addition to viewing animals, children celebrating a birthday at the park have an opportunity to feed certain animals. Dinosaur Land (, in nearby White Post, features replicas of many different prehistoric creatures, including the mammoth, stegosaurus, triceratops, tyrannosaurus and titanosaurus. The park offers children a party room where they can celebrate with friends and family.

Activity Centers

East Coast Gymnastics and Cheer ( offers birthday party celebrations for up to 15 individuals. The package includes more than an hour of gymnastics instruction and a free-trial class coupon. An area is also available where children can eat birthday cake and open presents. Also, children up to 12 years old can celebrate birthdays at The Little Gym of Winchester ( Activities include playing games and listening to music. Instructors lead children in sports, dancing and karate.

Art Parties

KidzArt ( offers educational programs that teach children about creating artistic projects and expressing their creativity. The birthday party package offers children an opportunity to work with a variety of materials, including chalks, markers, glitter, watercolors and crayons. The Polka Dot Pot ( features two-hour birthday parties that offer children an opportunity to work with pottery, glass fusing and silver clay. While these projects can be used as decorations, they can also be given as gifts.


The Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum ( offers a birthday party package that offers children an opportunity to explore the museum and view exhibits. The museum has interactive activities that focus on mathematics, science, the humanities and arts. Specific attractions include The Climbing Wall, Art in the Making, Natural History and Ranger Station, Paleo Lab and Simple Machines.