Places to Have a Baby Shower in Kingwood, Texas

by Darlena Cunha

Having a baby is reason to celebrate, but baby showers aren't just parties held for fun. They allow friends and family to help with the needs and wants of the prospective parents, allowing a soon-to-be family to get situated before the arrival. If someone close to you is going to give birth, she'll probably need all the help she can get. Because of the gift-giving nature of these events, you'll want to secure a location that has ample room for guests, food, party games and larger presents. Kingwood, Texas, has a multitude of choices from the casual dinner setting to elegant banquet halls. Where you end up depends on your style and your pocketbook.

Banquet Halls

If you're hosting a large gala-like baby shower and you expect 100 people or more, look into banquet halls that include catering for large events. They'll usually set up the room for you ahead of time, setting tables together and laying out dining places. The Nathaniel Center on Russell Road is most well known for its cultural events, but it doubles as a banquet hall and can hold up to 400 people. Call 281-348-7870 for more information and pricing.


If you have guests traveling from far away, your best bet is to book a meeting room at a central hotel where those people will be staying. This way they won't have to drive around in an unfamiliar town looking for the party. On US 59 right in Kingwood, La Quinta Inn and Suites has a room available for reservation. It's located on the border of Houston, allowing guests to explore the city if they've decided to stay for a few days. The Comfort Inn on Highway North in nearby Humble offers reasonable room rates, amenities like hot tubs and wireless Internet and a well-maintained meeting room for the party. You'll have to bring your own food.


Local restaurants are a good spot for baby showers since the food is already taken care of. Many restaurants allow for private parties booked in advance so that the shower and its participants would be in a separate room from other diners. The Veranda at 2820 Chestnut Ridge boasts one of the most idyllic dining spots in Kingwood and offers private event catering on location for 10 to 80 people. If you are looking for something more low-key, The Original J. Christopher's Pizza and Pasta may be the spot for your shower. Located at 2245 Northpark Drive, it offers group discounts to large parties.


Depending on the time of year and the weather forecast, it may be easiest to host a baby shower outdoors. Several guests may already have children, and a park would be the perfect setting for the adults to celebrate an upcoming birth without boring the little ones until they're antsy. Kingwood has a park for almost every neighborhood, but if you are looking for a slightly larger park or one with picnic areas for your event, try River Grove Park, Deer Ridge Park, East End Park or the Creekwood Nature Area. No reservations are needed, but if you are parking at any of these locations, you'll need a decal on your car proving you are a resident of the town.

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