Places to Take a 1-Year-Old in Aurora, CO

by Will Howard

Located just east of Denver, Aurora, Colorado, is a suburban locale that offers a range of family-friendly activities, particularly to those families who have children 1 year of age or younger. From acres of open space and playgrounds, to kid-friendly locales such as nature centers and pools, Aurora offers plenty of options for baby and toddler-toting couples.

City Parks

Parks and playgrounds are a wonderful place to stimulate and grow the imaginations of a young child, and Aurora ( offers its fair share of city-maintained parks and open spaces. Aurora is home to about 110 parks (see Resources), ranging from about 1 acre to nearly 2,000 acres, and of all shapes and sizes. Many offer park facilities and amenities such as recreation centers, walking trails, outdoor pools, and water "spraygrounds," in addition to traditional playgrounds and equipment.

City of Aurora Gymnastics Program

Aurora sponsors a gymnastics program, held at the city's Meadowood Recreation Center (see Resources). In particular, the program offers a gymnastics program for children under the age of 2, including 1-year-olds. The classes instruct 1-year-olds who are walking on the fundamentals of gymnastics, such as tumbling. These classes are typically 50 minutes long and are held weekly. Sessions are held in three seasons: winter, spring and summer.

Morrison Nature Center

The Morrison Nature Center (see Resources), located at Aurora's Star K Ranch, is a 200-acre nature preserve that offers plenty of outdoor experience for families that want their 1-year-old to learn an early appreciation of nature and the outdoors. With numerous secluded walking trails, parents can enjoy some quiet time in the woods with their young child, while older children may appreciate the learning exhibits and onsite library. Different environments, ranging from grasslands to woods, offer 1-year-olds, who are likely just walking, the chance to explore.

Utah Pool Aquatic Center

The Utah Pool Aquatic Center (see Resources), a facility maintained by the city, offers free admission to children under the age of 23 months. For 1-year-olds, swimming lessons are offered year-round. With their parents, they can learn the fundamentals of swimming. The pool and aquatic center also offers several pools, as well as both a water playground and water slide.

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