Places for an 11-Year-Old's Birthday Party in Ankeny, Iowa

by Rebecca Mayglothling

Hosting a birthday party for an 11-year-old is not as easy as when the child was younger. A few balloons and a clown simply aren't acceptable anymore. Parents in Ankeny, Iowa, have a variety of options for their 11-year-old's birthday party in and near the town. Give your child a fun birthday party with a few friends, which keeps both your child and your budget happy.

The Delaware Centre or Uptown Shopping District

Eleven-year-old shoppers who want to spend time on their own with friends will enjoy a scavenger hunt at the Delaware Centre on Delaware Avenue or the Uptown Shopping District in the center of Ankeny. Take the party to a shopping center and give groups of two or three a scavenger list. Some recommended items for the hunt include business cards, cheap items in specific colors, coupon books or old hangers. The first group to return with all the items wins. The party continues in a restaurant, where the parents child have made prior arrangements for a large group meal.

Cyber OPS Gaming Center

Tween gaming fans will enjoy a party at the Cyber OPS Gaming Center on Southwest Third Street in Ankeny, which offers a place where children can play video games with friends in a group setting. This party happens in two parts; children receive a designated amount of time to play video games then return to the home of the birthday child for food and presents. Cyber OPS offers PC, Xbox and Wii games for a variety of gamers. Eleven-year-old children are interested in spending time with friends while parents watch from a distance, so a gamer will enjoy being engrossed in a game with his friends.

Big Creek State Park

Take the child who loves to be outdoors to the Big Creek State Park, only 16 miles from the center of Ankeny. There are picnic areas available with grills, so grilling for a hot dog and hamburger picnic is easy. Recruit trusted adults and other parents to take groups on paved hiking paths. Take groups swimming, boating and fishing to enjoy the water. Later, allow the tweens to make S'mores or play outdoor games, such as beach volleyball or baseball. The child will appreciate time with friends as parents keep a watchful eye in the background.

Iowa Cubs

Eleven-year-old sports fanatics will enjoy a day with friends at the baseball club where the Iowa Cubs play ball 18 miles outside Ankeny. Group packages that include discounted tickets and guaranteed block seating are available for large parties. The group name, such as "Ken's Birthday Party," will be highlighted on the video board, and the birthday child receives free grandstand tickets for a future game.

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