A Pixie Project for Kids

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Pixies live in the world of magic and imagination.

Pixies live in the world of magic and imagination.

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Pixies, tiny fairies no bigger than your hand with red hair and green eyes, bring a sense of wonder and magic to the life of a child. Perhaps the most famous pixie is Tinkerbell, who supplied Peter Pan with pixie dust. Encourage your child to create her own pixie crafts. She can craft her own pixie village or turn herself into an adorable pixie for Halloween or a birthday party.

Pixie House Crafts

Start your own Pixie Hollow, one house at a time. Purchase miniature birdhouses already assembled at the craft store. Glue the houses to a section of wood, cardboard or Styrofoam to create your village common. Decorate each pixie abode with paint and small acrylic gem stones glued onto windows and doors. Use small flower sprays glued to the base to create pixie gardens. Glue tiny colored tissue scraps to create decorative walkways to each house. Alternatively, Use small individual-serving cereal boxes for your houses. Cover each box with a coat of paint to create the exterior and cut doors and widows for your pixies to enter. Decorate individually.

Pixie Furnishings

Use small thread spools to create stools for your pixies. Glue bottle or jar caps on top of the spools. Cover each spool and lid with stickers or scrapbooking paper. Glue a larger bottle lid to a pill bottle for a table and decorate it as you did the stools. Glue a large wooden bead to the table and stick a tiny flower spray into the hole to create a table centerpiece.

Pixie Wearables

Help your child transform herself into a pixie. Start with a length of stretchy fabric or a plastic hair band. Glue tiny flowers, butterflies, acrylic jewels and bows along the top length of the band. Assist your child with a hot glue gun to make embellishments stay on better or encourage her to use a needle and thread to sew them securely in place. Bend wire hangers into butterfly wing shapes and cover each hanger with an old nylon stocking. Connect the top and bottom panels by hand-stitching them together. Allow your child to add glitter, beads and other decorations to her wings. Attach a wide piece of elastic between the wings to connect the right and left sides and use lengths of elastic to loop around her arms at the shoulders.

Pixie Dust Tree

Pixies gather pixie dust from a pixie dust tree. Take a toilet paper roll and color it brown. Add branches using strips of brown card stock and leaves cut from green construction paper or green patterned scrapbooking paper. Cut one-inch deep lines into the bottom of the tube in three places and fold outward. Glue the folded sections of the roll onto a section of card stock and glue brown or gray roots cut from construction paper over the segments to help secure the tree upright. When the glue dries, spray the tree and the ground with gold glitter.

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