Pirate Party Games for Teens

by Zach Lazzari
Costumes are helpful at a pirate party.

Costumes are helpful at a pirate party.

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The pirate party is a fun theme for teens. Pirates inspire rebellion, and games provide hours of entertainment. Pirate games are often related to treasure; your imagination is the limit on the potential for pirate games. Costumes are not necessary, but they add value to the theme and help encourage the teens to reveal their pirate characters.

Treasure Hunt

The treasure hunt is the most obvious game for a pirate party. Invent a back story about a pirate legend with buried treasure. Draw a map of your yard, park or party venue with a trail and an "X" to mark the buried treasure. Create false clues, different maps and riddles to create competition and make the treasure difficult to locate. Bury a chest of prizes and hand out prizes to all of the contestants at the end of the game. The treasure hunt is fun when the teens are placed in groups, but solo attempts are an option. Use treasure items that suit the common interests of the teenagers. Sports memorabilia, makeup kits and digital music credits are all respectable prizes for the teenager.

Walk the Plank

"Walk the Plank" is a fun game if you have a pool. The game is also possible with a mud pit if you do not mind a messy party. Use a diving board or wood plank and play a game of hide and seek. When hidden pirates are located, they must walk the plank into the pool or mud pit. "Walk the Plank" is a fun summertime party game and is ideal for teens because a small amount of roughhousing is encouraged with the game, and teens (unlike some younger kids) typically can handle the water-based silliness without being unsafe.

Pirate Pinata

Build or purchase a pinata that resembles a parrot or cannonball. Fill the pinata with chocolate treasure coins and various treasure prizes. Blindfold the teen pirates and spin them in a circle to disorient their senses. Have each teen take a turn attempting to hit the pinata with a hard stick or baseball bat. When the pinata breaks, the teens will collect the treasure from the ground. This game must be closely monitored to prevent a teen from accidentally causing an injury with the bat. Use as many spins as possible for rambunctious teens to maximize the fun and disorienting effect.

Fake Tattoo and Makeup Station

Take the pirate costumes to the next level with a fake tattoo and makeup station. Pirates are notorious for skull-and-bone style tattoos, and fake stick-on versions are easily obtained. Add the tattoos to the arms and legs of the teens and use eye liner and fake earrings to spice up the costumes. The skull-and-bones theme fits the rebellious teenager well, and the makeup is a fun distraction.

Pirate Battle

Create a pirate battle with plastic swords and cannonballs. All of the adults must participate and dress in British military costumes. The British adults and pirate teens will do battle in an open space and the pirates will ultimately prove victorious against the adult enemy. This game is well-suited for teenagers because the pirates have the opportunity to rebel against parents and show their skills and determination in the battle.

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