Pirate Names to Use at a Birthday Party

by Janet Scheffler
Personalize pirate names for pirate-themed birthday parties.

Personalize pirate names for pirate-themed birthday parties.

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The best pirate-themed parties begin with pirate names. These monikers are important because they define each pirate, young or old. The party host can either ask each guest to pick a pirate name as they come in, or the host can surprise guests with their pirate names as they arrive. Pirate names can even be presented to guests by the captain of a pirate ship.

All About Alliteration

Using alliteration to choose pirate names makes them much easier to remember and more pirate sounding. Peg-leg Pete will be remembered, while Wooden Leg Marvin isn't likely to make the cut. Alliteration allows the name to roll off the tongue. Cockeyed Carl, Barnacle Bella and Scallywag Sam will live on in the retelling. Alliteration not only makes pirate naming more fun, but it also pushes that pirate feel just a bit further.

Personal Touch

If the host plans to have each guest choose their own pirate name, have lists of possible names available to speed things up. Alternatively, write dozens of names and pirate words such as "scalawag" on paper, then cut the paper into scraps, with each scrap containing a name or pirate word. Place the scraps in two separate hats, then have each guest take one scrap from the name hat and a second scrap from the pirate word hat. Guests can then print their new pirate names on stickers or pirate-themed name tags.

Pirate Stuff

Gather an assortment of pirate objects, such as an eye patch, a parrot, treasure chest, gold, peg-leg and a skull and crossbones banner. Have guests choose one object from the assortment and develop their pirate names from that object. For example, a guest who selects a treasure chest might become "Treasure Stealin' Tom." The possibilities are numerous and choosing can even become a partnered activity, with guests choosing each others' names. Have votes at the end of the party to see who's name is voted most imaginative or funniest.

Name Plus Pirate

Children like to place themselves in a make-believe world. Forming their pirate names by using their first name makes the fun more real for them. If Billy needs a pirate name, he could be called Blue-Eyed Billy, Gold Tooth Billy or Barnacle Billy. Once the party is over, the name still belongs to that child. Print these personal pirate names on goody bags filled with pirate candies or toys. If the child needs some ideas to go with her name, pick a few examples from the bag of clipped names. You may end up with a Frog-leg Fred in your midst, but it's a name Fred will never forget.

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