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Your "Pinkalicious" party invitation should be written on pink paper, if possible. Images

Your child might ask for a "Pinkalicious" party to celebrate her birthday. "Pinkalicious" is a book by Elizabeth Kann about a girl who turns pink after eating too many pink cupcakes. Her doctor informs her that she must eat green things to turn herself back to her ordinary color again. If you are planning a "Pinkalicious" party, word the invitation to match the theme.


If you wish to convey the theme of the party with minimal additional content, use basic wording: "We're having a pink, pink, pink party! Join us for a Pinkalicious time!" Include the date, time and location of the party between those two sentences if you wish. The invitation's content is somewhat basic, so use a bright pink background and large yellow text for the heading. Include an image if possible to make the invitation more eye-catching. Write something simple like "Mary's Pinkalicious birthday!" as a heading. Remember to include details on how to RSVP.


Writing the invitation in the form of a poem can be a creative way of explaining the theme to your guests. Include details of the time, date and location of the party at the bottom of the invitation, and include a poem in the main body. Write the RSVP details at the bottom of the invitation in black to draw the reader's attention. One example, an invitation available on Ultrainvitations, opens with "Come dressed in pink from your head to your toes! / Pink socks and pink shirts and pretty pink bows." Write your own poem by using simple rhymes to explain the dress code of the party. Remember to include that guests can dress in green if they wish.

Princess Style

Use a fairy theme for your invitation if you wish. An example of one fairy invitation design is available on Punch Bowl and features a flying pink fairy with a wand. The wording for this invitation is both simple and inviting, saying "Grab your magic wand, you're invited!! Maya's Pinkalicious Party!" followed by the date, time and location of the party. You can use this type of basic wording in your invitation, though it doesn't convey exactly what a "Pinkalicious" party is if someone doesn't know. Add a "Dress in pink or green!" note if you wish to clarify.


Use quotes from the "Pinkalicious" book if you want to create a funny invitation. For example, you can write "When Mommy asked Sarah what type of 6th birthday party she wanted, she exclaimed, 'Pink! Pink! Pink!'" to connect the quote to an explanation of the party theme. After this, write the details of the party and request an RSVP.

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