Pinkalicious Birthday Party Ideas

by Mary Ellen Popolo
Dress the birthday girl in pink for her Pinkalicious party.

Dress the birthday girl in pink for her Pinkalicious party.

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"Pinkalicious," a book by Elizabeth and Victoria Kann, tells the story of a little girl who loves everything pink. For youngsters who have enjoyed the original book and its sequels, a Pinkalicious party theme can be a big hit. Of course, a key component of the party will be the color pink, in all different shades. Ask guests to dress in pink for the party and incorporate as many pink elements as you can into the theme, from the decorations to the cake and the activities.


The Pinkalicious book series has generated a full line of party goods and invitations available online and in party goods stores. To make your own Pinkalicious invitations, use pink cardstock cut in half widthwise and folded in half. Decorate the outside of the invitation with pink ribbon, buttons, gems, feathers or other pink embellishments. Write the party details on the inside.


Start the party off by reading "Pinkalicious" to the guests. Divide them into teams and have them search for pink items that have been placed around the party area. Have them make a list and see which team can find the most items within the given time. Later, paint their fingernails and toenails bright pink. Braid pink ribbons into their hair and spray a section of their hair with temporary pink hair spray. For a twist on the traditional limbo contest, use a pink boa as a limbo stick. Challenge the guests to see who can make the most words using the letters in "Pinkalicious" or who can think of the most things that can be pink.

Decorations and Favors

Decorate using Pinkalicious packaged party goods or create your own pink themed-decor. Use dark pink tablecloths with light pink paper goods. Hang pink boas on the mantel or in doorways, or wrap them around chairs. Hang streamers in assorted shades of pink from the ceilings or use them for garland in the doorways. Use arrangements of pink balloons or flowers as centerpieces. Fill pink favor takeout boxes with pink nail polishes, hair accessories and bubble gum. Other ideas for favors include sunglasses, soap bubble solution, temporary tattoos and small stuffed animals -- all pink, of course.

Pink Dessert Table

Create a scrumptious dessert bar by draping a hot-pink table cloth over the table. Pink cupcakes are a key element in the "Pinkalicious" book; therefore, pink cupcakes are a must at your party. Make cupcakes that are totally pink, from the wrapper to the cake and the icing. Display cupcakes on a tiered cupcake stand on the dessert bar. Surround the cupcakes with candy jars full of assorted pink candies, cookies and treats. Decorate each jar with a different type of fancy pink ribbon. Allow guests to eat some of the candy and cupcakes at the party, but provide them with bags to take candy home as well.

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