Pink Poodle Party Games

by Krystal Miller
Add pink poodle games into the excitement of your daughter's birthday party.

Add pink poodle games into the excitement of your daughter's birthday party.

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If you have a little girl who loves pink poodles, make her day by planning the perfect pink poodle birthday party. Incorporate a variety of party games to keep your daughter and her guests entertained, as well as make the party successful. Handout pink poodle party favors and prizes to all game winners to entice the girls to play along.

Craft Contests

Give each girl a poodle coloring page, and have her color the picture using markers and crayons. Award a prize to the girl with the best coloring page. For a variation, have the girls decorate their pictures with glitter pens, markers, pink cotton balls and sequins. Award prizes for the best, most creative and most realistic-looking pink poodle. As a variation of this game, give the girls pink Play-Doh to create a pink poodle, and award prizes for the top poodles.

Memory Games

Fill a tray with items like a small pink poodle plush toy, a pink dog collar, dog bone, dog toy and pink nail polish. Show the girls the tray, then take the tray out of the room. Remove one item from the tray, then bring it back in the room. The first girl to tell you what is missing from the tray wins a prize. For a variation, after you take the tray out of the room, give each girl a sheet of paper. See who can list the most items on the tray. The girl who lists the most correct items wins the game.

Tossing Games

Draw a pink poodle on a poster board, and tape it to the underside of a cardboard box. Cut out the mouth, and lean the box against a wall. Mark a line five feet from the box, and have the children try to toss beanbags into the pink poodle's mouth. Award a small prize to each child who makes a bag in the poodle's mouth. For another variation, paint a box green and tell the guests that the box is the poodle's backyard. Have the girls try to toss a plush pink poodle into the "yard."

Circle Games

Have the girls sit in a circle, and give one girl a large, plush pink poodle toy. Play music, and tell the girls to pass the poodle around the circle. When you stop the music, the girl holding the poodle is out of the game. Play the music again, eliminating one girl in each round. The last girl remaining in the game wins the large pink poodle to take home as a memento of the party. If a pink plush poodle toy is not available, this game may also be played with a pink dog collar or other pink poodle toy.

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