Pink & Brown Bridal Shower Ideas

by Sky Martin

If the bride-to-be loves pink and you want an unexpected color combination, use her favorite color with brown for her bridal shower. Dull shades of brown transform into sultry chocolates when paired with their charming pink counterpart. Your bridal shower will be anything but bland when you transform the venue with this powerful duo.

Table Linen

Depending on the look that you want, there are a variety of table linen choices to choose from. If you want a soft, elegant look, a deep chocolate brown goes well with a pale pink. Alternate these colors on the tables. Another option is to use mocha brown and hot pink polka dot/gingham/striped runners over a white tablecloth. Or use a brown tablecloth with a pink table runner that has brown designs printed on it.

Floral Centerpieces

Stroll through flea markets for eclectic white vases or brown tin containers. Place clusters of pink flowers such as roses, carnations, peonies or hydrangeas into the vases. Tie a brown and pink ribbon around the center of the vase. Align the vases down the lengths of square tables or group them in the center of round tables. Another option is to use a heart centerpiece. Glue pink and brown artificial roses to a heart-shaped wreath until it's covered. Alternate the colors as you work. Place the wreath in the center of the table. Place a few votive candles in the center of the heart centerpiece.

Bridal Shower Favors

Give thanks to your guests with some cute bridal shower favors that also serve as a decorative table accent. One option is to stack pink and brown notepads on top of each other. Tie together with a satin pink and brown polka dot ribbon. Another option is a pink mint candy tin that is personalized with the bride and groom's name printed in chocolate brown. A personalized pink favor bag that has the names of the couple, tied with a pink or brown satin bow, is another good choice. Fill the favor bag with gourmet chocolates or mints.


Keep the theme going with dessert that matches your color scheme. Guests will enjoy strawberry mousse decorated with large dark chocolate curls. Or frost chocolate cupcakes with pink and brown icing. Swirl the two colors on the cupcake. Or have a chocolate cake with pink roses and pink polka dot decorative trim. Or serve cookies that are frosted with pink icing and decorated with brown sprinkles or edible glitter. Serve pink fruit punch or pink lemonade.

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