How to Pick a Snowboard Length

by Dana Tuffelmire
Selecting snowboard length relies on individual preferences.

Selecting snowboard length relies on individual preferences.

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Choosing the right snowboard length is a personal choice, lacking a clear set of rules. A good place to start is to stand the board on end next to your body and note where its top meets your face. It should reach somewhere between your chin and your nose. Although there is nothing flawed in that method, there are other things to consider when choosing an optimum length. Riders should consider ability level, type of terrain where the board will be used and body size. Most important, however, is to choose what feels most comfortable to you.

Step 1

Measure your height. A rider less than 5 feet should look at boards between 128 to 141 cm. If you are over 5 feet but under 6 feet, choose a board between 139 to 167 cm. For riders 6 feet and over, consider the longer boards at 160 cm and longer.

Step 2

Weigh yourself. Riders between 110 and 150 pounds match best with boards in the short range. Average-weight riders between 150 and 175 pounds line up with the medium boards. Heaviest riders, from 170 to over 200 pounds, should consider the longest boards. If you fall into the average weight category, a longer board will help distribute your weight evenly.

Step 3

Consider your ability level. Shorter boards are easier to control, making them ideal for beginners.

Step 4

Choose based on the kind of terrain you commonly ride. Longer boards are ideal for deep powder and provide better control when racing down a mountain. Shorter boards allow for more mobility when performing tricks and turns, making them a good choice if you stay on groomed trails or in the terrain park.

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