How to Pick Your NCAA Bracket Probabilities

by David Harris
March Madness is a fun time for basketball fans.

March Madness is a fun time for basketball fans.

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If you are a college basketball fan, chances are you already fill out an NCAA bracket during March Madness. However, if you are not a basketball fan you may have noticed your co-workers and friends getting into a pool each year. Instead of missing out on the fun, learn how to fill out a bracket that ensures you the best chance of winning. It can require a little research, but even non-basketball fans can join in on the action.

Step 1

Obtain a bracket sheet. Either get one from the person running your pool or from an online pool such as those on ESPN or Fox Sports.

Step 2

Learn about some of the top teams by researching online or talking to friends. Find out what teams ended the season on a hot streak and pick those. Avoid teams that slumped down the stretch of the season.

Step 3

Check out the online brackets of basketball experts, especially when choosing the winner of a challenging matchup. Research information from the experts on sites such as ESPN, Fox Sports or Sports Illustrated.

Step 4

Select the top-seeded teams to win in the first round. Top-seeded teams almost never lose in the opening round.

Step 5

Recognize the unlikelihood of all four No. 1 seeds reaching the Final Four when making your selections. As of 2011, only once (2008) since 1978 have all four No. 1 seeds made it to the Final Four.

Step 6

Trust your instincts. If you think a team will beat a better-seeded team, go with that gut instinct.

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