Piano Restringing Calculations

by Judy Greenlees
Consult a piano technician before restringing an old piano.

Consult a piano technician before restringing an old piano.

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The calculations required to add new strings properly to an old piano are complex and vary from piano to piano. Piano technicians recommend that the average person avoid the temptation to take this task on as a hobby. Restringing a piano is one job probably best left to professional piano technicians. But, if against all advice, you feel you must do it, then be prepared to study what the experts do and consult them regularly.

Advice for Beginners

The complexity of completing calculations for restringing pianos may cause many beginners to give up before they start the process. Affleck Piano Tuning is one business offering free online basics, including calculation and restringing vocabulary with definitions. There are also piano calculation instructions for sale. The Piano Technicians Guild has a Social Media Site, where the pros discuss what they know about the process. Much advice is available there.

A Restringing Project

Although each piano requires different calculations to complete a restringing project properly, the actual stringing process follows predictable stages. Los Angeles Piano Tuning offers a description of these stages accompanied by photos. Taking a good look at the basic stages will help you to develop an idea of the general work involved before you take on your own piano work.

Apprentice with an Expert

Peter Shavney, a piano technician with decades of restringing experience, has a video online that shows how he adds a new string to a piano. What is helpful about viewing this is the close look viewers get of how he uses his hands and tools to accomplish the task. Watching precise work such as this has been expected of apprentices for generations.

Tech Forum Fun

The difficult, precise nature of performing calculations to restring a piano and the actual process itself may seem suited to a serious bunch. But, a visit to a piano technicians' forum will give you a glimpse into their varied personalities and expertise. Even these experts post comments concerning the best ways to understand standard string scales, which are necessary to complete restringing projects. Executing this craft with precision takes extensive practice and time.

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