How to Phrase a Game Night Invitation

by Filonia LeChat

Before you can settle in for an evening of scheming, twists and turns, money-grubbing and plotting with your favorite game buddies, alerting them of the event and getting the date on their calendars is of utmost importance. Prepare guests for a game night by starting with the invitation. Extend an invitation by mail or email with as many chutes, ladders and surprises as your guests soon will be playing.

Step 1

Let invitees know they're in for a night of fun and games right from the start by opening the invitation with "Get your game face on and come to our party" or "It's a game of LIFE, love and the pursuit of fun at our game night party!"

Step 2

Include what games will be played at the event and whether guests should bring their own. Add a link to a board game instruction website to help guests brush up on their boards before attending the event.

Step 3

Note whether food will be served, such as "We'll be having PARCHEESY pizza, Hi Ho Cherry-O pie and lots of poker chips and salsa." Include whether specific food allergies and preferences will be accommodated, such as peanut allergies and gluten avoidance.

Step 4

Establish whether children are invited by adding a note that "Children would be BOARD if they came; please leave anyone under 18 at home" or "Bring your littlest high rollers and MONOPOLIZERS with you for fun for every age!"

Step 5

Make sure guests can clearly find how to RSVP by closing with "You'll be in TROUBLE and very SORRY if you don't respond by July 3 to Frances Janofsky" and include the best way to get in touch, such as a cell phone number or email address.

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