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    Petting Zoos Near Hazlet, New Jersey

    Hazlet, New Jersey is home to the Green Meadows Farm, the town's sole petting zoo. The Green Meadows Farm boasts "an ideal country learning atmosphere for people of all ages." Their tours and activities are designed for both families and larger groups for events such as birthday parties and field trips.

    Petting Zoo Party Ideas

    A petting zoo theme makes a good party -- but not just for kids. It may seem like it would work only for a younger crowd, but with a little creativity this theme can be interpreted for adults to enjoy with animal-inspired decor, games and activities, food and drink.

    Petting Zoos Near Croswell, Michigan

    Croswell Michigan, a small town in Michigan's Sanilac County, provides residents and visitors with access to several petting zoos nearby. Petting zoos offer enjoyable experiences for families, educational and social groups and individuals. Hands-on zoos allow children and adults to learn about animals' behaviors and habits. Petting zoos also provide opportunities for individuals to develop a deeper understanding of nature through observations and hands-on interactions with animals.