Pet Hotels in South Carolina

by Mary Freeman
Dog hotels commonly feature outdoor play areas.

Dog hotels commonly feature outdoor play areas.

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Pet hotels -- overnight accommodations for behaved, vaccinated animals -- in South Carolina vary widely in size and amenities. Most take only dogs and cats, but a few board exotic animals like birds and monkeys. Some pet resorts feature fully functional animal spas, and offer treatments such as bathing, brushing and even massage.

Palmetto Pet Resort

Palmetto Pet Resort is a multiple-function hotel and spa for dogs and cats in West Columbia. Dogs sleep in large suites with lambswool cots that are cleaned by a full-service housekeeper. Luxury suites have full beds and TV's showing "Animal Planet." The spa offers treatments from pedicures to body massages.

Shady Acres Pet Resort

Situated on five acres of rural, shady countryside, Shady Acres Pet Resort offers boarding, grooming and daycare to dogs and cats in Summerville. Pets stay in indoor/outdoor runs and play in a large outdoor area with a swimming pool and play equipment. The resort charges by the day and is open on Sundays.

Spoil-em-Rotten Grooming and Boarding

Spoil-em-Rotten is an independently owned and operated pet hotel in Summerville specializing in spa services and grooming for dogs. Pets stay in crates in indoor, fenced-off areas. The hotel offers basic brushing, nail trimming and ear cleaning. Spa packages also are available, which include full facial scrubbing, teeth brushing and even aromatherapy treatments.

The Barking Lot Inn

Columbia is home to the Barking Lot Inn, which boards and takes care of all varieties of pets. Different catteries exist for kittens and full-grown cats, and dogs sleep separately. Heftier dogs have special, large runs just for them. Animals play on the 2.5 acre plot of land the Barking Lot Inn sits on.

Hardeeville Pet Resort

Hardeeville Pet Resort in Hardeeville supports all types of pets, from dogs and cats to horses and monkeys. The large sleeping area is temperature controlled, with an adjoining exercise run for restless pets. Music is piped through all kennels, and interspersed TVs play "Animal Planet." Twice a day, dogs get to play outside in the large, fenced-off area complete with play pool.

Southport Kennel

The Southport Kennel is massive: The indoor kennels offer 9,800 square feet of sleeping quarters, and two acres of grassy outdoors provide exercise and playtime, as do the temperature-controlled indoor/outdoor runs. The catteries are complete with intricate, extensive playhouses. Dog grooming and bathing is available upon request and for a fee. Owners may arrange specialty foods for animals with dietary restrictions. The resort is in Spartanburg.

Evergreen Pet Lodge

Situated near the airport, Evergreen Pet Lodge is a cat-and-dog hotel on Hilton Head Island. Boarding comes in the form of brightly colored, spacious kennels for dogs, and catteries are multi-leveled and feature cat toys. Dogs staying in luxury suites get two TVs, a large bed, brushing daily and three outdoor playtime sessions on the hotel's 9,000-square-foot grounds.

Cuddly Critters Pet Sitting

The small town of Taylors is home to Cuddly Critters Pet Sitting, which offers overnight boarding, short-term sitting and daytime boarding for dogs only. Boarders stay in non-kennel home environments and may participate in daily walks. The hotel offers discounts for multiple dogs in the same family.

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