How to Personalize Your Own Football Straps

by Nicole Schmoll

Across America, little boys from pee wee leagues on up to young men playing on collegiate football teams enjoy playing the game of American football. Players at all age levels enjoy customizing the aspects of their uniforms that teams allow them to such as eye pads worn on the cheek bones to deflect light or helmet chin straps. Whether it's Tim Tebow who personalized his eye pads with Bible verse references or Reggie Bush who personalized his with the area code of his hometown, football players everywhere can add a personal touch that makes a statement with their chin straps.

Items you will need

  • Football helmet
  • Chin straps
  • Permanent marker, any color
Step 1

Personalize your football helmet chin straps by first purchasing a new pair of chin straps for your helmet or removing the existing straps from your helmet. Unsnap the straps from the helmet.

Step 2

Write a message on your chin straps, on the left and right sides of the straps with your name, hometown, Bible verse or other reference that holds importance for you. Consider honoring the memory a friend or loved one who has passed away by writing her initials on your chin straps and using that as motivation to play your best on every down. Color the chin straps with a solid color permanent marker and write the message on it in a contrasting color of ink such as white writing on black ink or purple writing on yellow ink background. Coordinate the colors with your team colors; gain your coach's approval before altering your chin straps to make sure it is acceptable.

Step 3

Allow the chin straps to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Snap them back onto your football helmet. Adjust the straps so that they hold your helmet firmly on your head and do not have any slack that could cause the helmet to slip, resulting in injuries to you.

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