Personal Wedding Shower Games

by Krystal Miller

Most personal wedding showers involve a few games to get guests mingling and keep them involved in the event. When planning a wedding shower, plan some funny games aside from the usual games such as bingo and word scrambles. Entice guests to play along by awarding small gifts to each game winner.

Balloon Game

Inflate balloons in the colors of the wedding or with wedding bell imprints. Ask your party guests to stand in a circle and hand one player a balloon. Play love songs and have the guests pass the balloon around the circle using their elbows. When the music stops, the player with the balloon is out of the game. The last player remaining in the game wins a prize. Alternatively, inflate small balloons and have each guest pass the balloon around the circle using only her neck and chin.

Safety Pin Game

Pour a large bag of long grain rice into a bowl and add a small bag of miniature safety pins into the rice. Blindfold a player and place the bowl in her lap. She has one minute to dig out as many safety pins as she can. Alternatively, play the game without the blindfold, as it is still difficult to find the safety pins in the rice.

Toilet Paper Game

Divide the party guests into three or four teams. Give each team two or three rolls of toilet paper. Each team will have five minutes to make a wedding dress on the bride-to-be using toilet paper. Award a prize to the team who creates the funniest wedding dress. Alternatively, give the guests two minutes to make a toilet paper veil. Another idea is to give each team seven minutes to create a veil and wedding dress on the guest of honor.

Other Games

Other games include a purse scavenger hunt and the bride memory game. Call out an item that guests might have in their purses, such as a condom or feminine product. The first player to show the item wins a small prize. Another idea is a memory game. After the bride-to-be finishes opening her gifts, ask her to leave the room. Give each guest a sheet of paper and a pencil and have her write down the items the bride-to-be is wearing, including clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair accessories and cosmetics. The player who names the most correct items wins a prize.