Perfect 15th Birthday Party Zebra Themes

by Victoria Thompson
Add a zebra theme to your 15-year-old's party to add excitement.

Add a zebra theme to your 15-year-old's party to add excitement.

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Decorate your 15-year-old's party in a wild zebra theme. With some creativity, you can make the day memorable. Zebra print is bold and just about all aspects of the party can be turned into a zebra theme, from decorations to the refreshments. Set the atmosphere for excitement and fun for the party goers.


Decorate the party room in black and white, and the birthday honoree's favorite color. Hang streamers and balloons throughout the party in those colors. Some accent colors that fit well with the zebra theme are neon green, hot pink, purple, red and orange. Cover tables with both black and white tablecloths. Use clear utensils and striped plates, cups and napkins. Outside the party venue, place outlines of zebra hooves on the ground leading to the party space.

Autograph Poster

Hang a poster of a zebra on a wall for each guest to sign. This will serve as a reminder of the event for the birthday honoree, and gives him an account of who attended the party. Frame the poster and hang it on a bedroom wall after the party.


Near the party's entrance, set up a photograph area. Hang a large painting of the African savanna to serve as the background for photos. Party guests can then take pictures in front of the savanna, with images of zebras, lions, elephants and other wildlife. At the end of the party, give each guest his picture as a party favor. At the beginning of the party, fill a large jar with black and white hard-shell chocolate candies or jellybeans. Each guest writes his name and a guess for the number of candies in the jar on a slip of paper. At the end of the party, the person with the best guess wins the candy.


All of the food does not need to be black and white, but you can create a few novelty dishes to support the theme. Dip strawberries in white chocolate and allow to harden. Drizzle lines of chocolate across the strawberries. Serve chocolate brownies topped with vanilla ice-cream. Make a punch in the birthday honoree's favorite color to provide contrast to the black and white.


Inform the guests on the invitations that they should wear zebra print clothing or black and white attire. Once guests arrive, give each a zebra printed hat to wear. In case someone does not have zebra attire, the hat still supports the theme. The birthday honoree should wear a separate color to stand out from the guests.

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