Percy Jackson Birthday Party Ideas

by Lauren Thomason
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Create your own "camp half-blood" games with foam swords.

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The Percy Jackson series, written by Rick Riordan, is the story about Percy, a 12-year-old boy who initially doesn't know that he is the son of the god Poseidon. In the books, he learns about gods, half-gods and unusual creatures that are blending into the modern landscape. Percy Jackson-themed birthday parties are perfect for upper elementary through middle school aged children, and allow you to integrate creative games and decorations.

Dress Like a God

While the teens in the story were half-bloods, or part human and part god, most of them dressed as normal teenagers, except when participating in training games. Ask party goers to come dressed as their favorite character from the books or favorite mythology character. You'll likely have kids show up in sandals, with crazy Medusa-like hair or with wreaths on their heads. Don't be too surprised if you see more than one toga-like outfit, too. Award a prize to the guest with the most creative outfit.

Half-Blood Camp

Create your own "camp half-blood" games with fun activities. Head to your nearest dollar store to look for foam swords and shields, and look for inexpensive armor or helmets. If time permits, and your guests are particularly crafty, let them design their own shield made from foam board. Start the craft portion of the party first, to allow the glue and paint time to dry, then let kids battle with each other play fighting.

Clue Hunt

In the "The Lightning Thief," the characters went on a hunt for clues. Create a type of scavenger or treasure hunt for your party goers, and if possible, get help from your neighbors where you plant clues. Don't tell the kids exactly where to go to find the clues, but give them hints written on scrolls. Send each group of kids to the same locations, but staggered so that they aren't following each other or competing for finding the same item first.

Water Games

Being the son of the ruler of the sea, Percy felt most comfortable in the water, and he actually got some of his powers from water. Therefore, integrate pool or water games into your child's party. For example, plan a relay game in the pool, or drop rings to the bottom of the pool and see who can retrieve them quickest. Referee a few rounds of Marco Polo, but change the game where the player with his eyes closed calls out "Percy" (instead of "Marco") and the other players call out "Jackson" (instead of "polo"). If you don't have access to a pool --- or the weather doesn't permit it --- integrate water balloons, water slides or water gun fights into the party instead.

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