Pennsylvania Rock Climbing Camps

by Clayton Yuetter

Rock climbing is a big attraction of summer camps in Pennsylvania, feeding the young enthusiasts of a sport that is popular because of Pennsylvania's many challenging and scenic climbs. The focus each camp places on rock climbing varies. When considering a program that includes rock climbing, choose one supervised by certified staff.

Lohikan Adventure Camp

The Lohikan Adventure Camp ( is in the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains. It has rock climbs for every level of climber and includes everything from simple climbs to vertical climbs. The biggest attraction is a 40-foot climbing tower, which offers three levels of difficulty. The staff consists of at least six college students who are certified to supervise and provide instruction in rock climbing. Each camper has the opportunity to choose his level of challenge. The camp welcomes all children between 6 and 15 years of age.

Camp Cayuga

Camp Cayuga ( provides an Adventure and Wilderness program to boys and girls between 5 and 15; it includes a combined rock climbing and ropes course. This camp not only offers a 32-foot climbing tower, but visitors also get the chance to learn to rappel. Camp Cayuga is in Honesdale and is a private co-ed camp offering a wide selection of outdoor activities.

Lake Greely Camp

Campers at Lake Greely ( can climb a 45-foot rock climbing wall and a fly across the valley on a 250-foot zipline. Like Lohikan Adventure Camp, Camp Greely is in the Poconos. In addition to rock climbing opportunities, the camp includes a 50-acre lake. Camp Greely's staff contains over 35 trained adult workers and 85 college students, making it one of the largest camps in Pennsylvania. The camp is open to children between the ages of 6 and 15.

Stone Mountain Adventures

The teen adventure camp at Stone Mountain Adventures ( allows young adults ages 12 to 16 to learn and practice the proper techniques for rock climbing. The camp limits itself to a small enrollment of about 60 campers, so young adventurists get the benefit of having one staff member for every four campers. Stone Mountains creates a noncompetitive atmosphere and offers instruction for any experience level or ability.

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