'Peas in a Pod' Surprise Game for Baby Shower

by Kimberly Turtenwald
A set of multiples is sometimes referred to as

A set of multiples is sometimes referred to as "peas in a pod."

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The theme of a baby shower sometimes matches the nursery theme that the mom-to-be has picked out for her child. Otherwise, the theme may reflect the baby in some way. For instance, a "peas in a pod" baby shower makes an ideal choice for the baby shower of a woman who is expecting more than one baby. The "Peas in a Pod" surprise baby shower game offers your guests the chance to win a prize without doing anything.

Game Contents

The "Peas in a Pod" game for baby showers features a set of 10 pins to distribute to your guests as they arrive. Each pin is a felt pea pod about 5 inches long and 1 inch tall. Inside the pea pod, three green pom-poms sit, waiting for the guest to remove them. One of the pea pods contains a "winner" banner underneath the pom-poms to indicate which of your guests is the winner. Until the "peas" are removed, no one knows who the winner will be.

How to Play

As each guest arrives to the baby shower, pin a pea pod to her shirts or give her a pea pod to pin on herself if you prefer. Instruct the guests to leave the pins alone and not play with the pom-poms inside until instructed otherwise. Designate a time during the party to complete the game. This can be any time from the arrival of the last guest or the guest-of-honor up to right before everyone leaves. At the appointed time, instruct the guests to remove their "peas" to discover the winner.


The number of guests at our party dictates how many winners you have, unless you alter the game. For instance, if you invite 30 guests, you will need at least three sets of the game. If you choose to purchase three sets, you will have three winning pea pods. However, if you have 25 guests, you can buy three sets of the game and remove two of the winner pods so you only have one winner. The number of winners is up to you.

Make Your Own

If you are crafty, you may be able to make your own version of the "Peas in a Pod" game. With just a few stitches placed in the ends of small pieces of green felt, you can create your own pea pods. You only need to create a pocket in which the pom-poms can rest without falling out. Thread a safety pin through back to allow your guests to wear the pods. Insert a strip of paper that says "winner" or "you win" into one of the pea pods. Make sure it is small enough to hide behind your "peas." Place green pom-poms inside each pod. If the mother knows the sex of the babies, you can get creative and use blue and pink pom-poms to represent her babies instead.

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