Peaches & Cream Festivals

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Peaches and cream festivals celebrate the peach.

Peaches and cream festivals celebrate the peach.

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Peaches and Cream Festivals offer family entertainment in an outdoor setting. Often sponsored by peach orchards, the festivals sell peaches and peach products like peach ice cream. Live music and games enhance the experience, giving families time together in a relaxed, natural setting. If the peaches are ripe when you go, you can even pick your own.

Local Festivals

Peach festivals always focus on local communities. You and your family have the opportunity to get to know the people who live in the area and enjoy a rural setting where people just want to relax and have fun. Consult the guide for U.S., Canadian and Australian Peach Festivals at and make a day of getting away and taking life slow again.


You will find peach-based treats at a peach festival. At the Real Racine Peaches and Cream festival in Wisconsin, you can get all-you-can-eat peach pancakes, fresh peaches with whipped cream and peach shakes. This festival even offers peach sundae. For the peach purist, hold out for the baked peach cobbler. At the Georgia Peach Festival, you can see the world's largest peach cobbler.

Vote in the Peach Pageant

Many peach festivals have beauty pageants to elect Ms. Peach. In Arkansas, they call it the Princess Elberta Pageant; the Georgia Peach Festival picks Ms. Georgia Peach; and the Live Oak Festival elects Miss Live Oak. Whatever the name, this type of pageant has become a staple of peaches-and-cream festivals. Enjoy the contest and vote for your favorite girl with the peaches-and-cream complexion. The winner may even lead the peach parade.

Rides, Games, Crafts and Music

You may find pony rides, train rides and hay rides. The California Peach Festival features country and rock bands. Scnepf Farms in Arizona offers a petting zoo at its peach festival, and the Squire Creek Louisiana Peach Festival offers helicopter rides. The New Jersey Peach Festival offers lumberjack shows and a Civil War re-enactment, and the Stratford Peach Festival in Oklahoma holds sack races. The Lexington County Peach Festival in South Carolina boasts hundreds of artists and craftspeople at its festival.

Pick Your Own Peaches

If the peaches are ripe, the local orchard will let you pick your own peaches. You pay by the bushel, and you get to take home peaches for friends and family. Many children have never picked their own fruit, so this can be a real eye-opener for them.

Fireworks Farewell

Some festivals close the day with fireworks, such as the Lexington County Peach Festival in South Carolina. Sit back and have a peach while you watch the sky light up. No doubt, you'll be thinking to yourself, "Life is just peachy."

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