Pea in the Pod Baby Shower Ideas for Twins

by Mandi Titus
A pea in the pod baby shower is suitable for twins of either gender.

A pea in the pod baby shower is suitable for twins of either gender.

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Hosting a pea in the pod baby shower for an expectant mother of twins gives you the opportunity to celebrate this exciting time with the mom-to-be, her friends and family. As the green pea in the pod theme works well for both boys and girls, this shower can be held for any mom expecting twins.


Invitations help set the theme for the pea in the pod baby shower. Attach your invitation to the back of a pea seed packet, and if desired, design a new cover for the packet, with a picture of the expectant mother. The Disney Family website suggests writing "hand cancel" on the envelopes so the seed packets do not get ruined in the mail by going through a machine sorter, which may rip them open. Other ideas include using construction paper to create a pea pod-shaped invitation or using light green paper for the invitation and embossing a pea-shaped stamp onto the paper.


Small towels tied up at the edges to look like open pea pods can be used as centerpieces, complete with two small baby dolls, pieces of green candy or flowers to serve as the peas. Floral arrangements featuring flowering Sweet Pea helps keep with the theme. Create larger pea pods by wrapping two balloons in cellophane tied together at the ends to resemble pea pods. Use baby food jars full of green candy, such as jelly beans, as decorations, and then send them home with guests as favors.


Get guests involved in shower activities as soon as the arrive by giving each participant a small pea pod made out of felt and tied shut at the ends. Most of the pods should contain one or three green pom poms, but one or two should have two peas in the pod. At the end of the shower, invite guests to open their pods and see who has the winning two peas. For a twist on the traditional baby shower game where guests must sample baby foods and guess each taste, supply an assortment of green baby food items and ask shower attendees to select which jar contains peas.


Peas are not the only food that should be served at the shower; offer guests edamame as well if you want to stick close to the pea theme. Another option is to provide an assortment of green foods, such as a salad or spinach pasta. Serve the food in two bowls to represent the twins, making the serving dishes identical, if possible, if the mom-to-be is expecting identical twins. For dessert, serve green-frosted round cookies to represent peas, design a cake in the shape of a pea pod or decorate cupcakes tops with frosting or fondant in the shape of two peas in a pod.

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