Pea Plant for Baby Shower Favors

by Kimberly Turtenwald

Some people use the term "sweet pea" in regard to a baby or a young child. In addition, twins are sometimes referred to as "two peas in a pod." Whether you are expecting just one baby or more, peas in a pod makes a cute baby shower theme, which allows you to use pea plants as your shower favors.

Personalized Seed Packets

Some companies offer personalized seed packets of various types. You can choose to have the packets imprinted with the baby's name, shower date and parents' names. To save money, you can create and print your own personalized stickers using printer address labels. These seed packets are a good choice for a baby shower that takes place outside of your area's typical growing season. Guests can plant the seeds when the time is right and enjoy the resulting peas. If you have guests who do not have a green thumb or have no place to plant the seeds, they can cherish the packet instead.

Plant Kit

If you would rather use plain seed packets instead, spice up the favor by creating a planting kit for your guests. Purchase inexpensive clay pots for each guest. You may also be able to find some inexpensive gardening tools at a dollar store or other similar outlet. Put a trowel, pair of gardening gloves, and a packet of pea seeds into the pot. Wrap the entire pot in tulle or colored cellophane that matches the shower theme and attach a favor tag to a ribbon to tie off the top.

Pea Plant

A baby shower that takes place in the spring allows you the option of distributing a pea plant that is already started. A couple of weeks before the shower, plant pea seeds into each of the pots for your guests. Some stores sell miniature greenhouses in which you can start your plants before transferring them into the pots. Keep the pots in the sun and water them carefully to start the growing process for your guests. Since you have already started the plant, all your guests need to do is find a place to plant the young pea plants. Before the shower, wrap the pots in colored tulle and tie a baby-themed ribbon around the pot to hold the tulle in place.


In addition to giving out pea seeds or young pea plants as baby shower favors, include either a favor tag with the parents' names, date of the shower, and possibly the baby names, or write a cute saying about the peas. For instance, if the couple is expecting twins, come up with a saying that includes two peas in a pod, such as, "We're having two peas in a pod, how many can you get in a pod?" If you are having just one baby, tell your guests how they can watch their very own peas grow as you watch your own little sweet pea grow.

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