PE Kid's Activities: How to Play Scooter Soccer

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Scooter soccer is played on a hard surface, like a basketball court, using a kickball.

Scooter soccer is played on a hard surface, like a basketball court, using a kickball.

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Games like scooter soccer provide great exercise for improving arm, head, back and abdominal strength. Scooters used to play scooter soccer are not the stand-up variety. They consist of a small, flat piece of wood attached to wheels with handles fastened to the sides. Players sit on the scooters with their legs out and move using their feet to push the scooter forward, backward and sideways. Scooter soccer has a few basic rules and can be played by most children in elementary grades.

Items you will need

  • Scooters
  • Kickball
  • Knee pads and elbow pads
  • 2 Wall mats
Step 1

Split into two teams of 4 to 10 players. Ideally, each team should have seven players on the court and extra players remaining on the sidelines, but you may choose to use fewer players depending on the number of scooters available.

Step 2

Put on protective gear, such as knee pads and elbow pads.

Step 3

Hang mats at each end of the court to mark each team's goal. You may also use pylons or tape to mark the goals.

Step 4

Position one team at one end of the court and the other team on the opposite end, and start game play.

Step 5

Push scooters forward, backward and sideways using your feet. One foot must remain on the scooter at all times. Only one foot may be used at any time to move the scooter or kick the ball. You may switch feet, if necessary. Place hands on the handle bars of the scooter and keep them there at all times. Scooters running over fingers and hands can result in injuries such as bruises or broken bones.

Step 6

Use only your feet to kick the ball toward the opposing team's goal. If players touch the ball with anything other than their feet, a point will go to the opposing team.

Step 7

Remain on the scooters at all times. Although falling off the scooter will not count as a point for the other team, players may not touch the ball or score a point while off their scooters.

Step 8

Hit the opposing team's goal with the ball to score points. If the goal is scored by a player not on a scooter, it does not count as a point.

Tips & Warnings

  • Seat extra players on the sidelines with legs out to act as bumpers. These players may kick the ball to teammates if it comes to them, but they can't touch the ball with their hands either or the opposing team will get a point. If these players leave their positions, a point will go to the opposing team.
  • Teams may use goalies to protect goals, but they aren't necessary.

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