Pavement Game for Kids

by Clayton Yuetter

Pavement games are a great way for children to entertain themselves when they have nothing more than a driveway. One example of a unique and fun pavement game is called London Calling. It is a cross between shuffleboard and hangman. The game is most appropriate for younger children.

Materials Needed

The primary material needed in London Calling is chalk. The game is enhanced, or at least made easier, if the chalk is different colors -- one color for each child playing. The game also requires something the children can toss or roll. Examples include a small stone, bottle cap and piece of chalk.

Setting up the Game

To set up the game, draw a rectangle in chalk that is approximately 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. Divide the rectangle into seven equal boxes. Create a semicircle off the end of the box and write "London" in large block letters. To make it more interesting, you can write the name of the local town in the semicircle instead. Make sure the game is being played in a safe place that won't be used by vehicles.

The Rules

Each player will get a chance to toss or roll a stone or other object from behind the box. "London" will be at the far end of the rectangle. A player can draw a head in the box his object lands in. The next time his object lands in that box, he can draw a body -- and then a leg the next two times. He can initialize his "men" or use a separate color of chalk.

The Object

A player must create three men in each box. If he lands the object in "London," he can draw a body part on any man in any box. After there are three men in each box the player must draw arms linking them -- one arm each time he lands in that box. Once a player has three men with linked arms in each box, he wins the game.