Patriotic Party Crafts

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Whether you're celebrating an American holiday or throwing a welcome-home party for someone returning from service overseas, using red, white and blue will give your party a patriotic and festive look. Make the event special with crafts the entire family and all the guests at your party can enjoy, from invitations to carefully crafted mouthwatering desserts, using the theme of the flag's red, white and blue.

Start with Invitations

Any good party starts with scrupulous planning. Decide which guests you will invite, where you will be holding the party and what your budget will be. You can begin your patriotic theme by making a simple red, white and blue puzzle that will be pieced together by the guests as an invitation. These are simple to make using craft sticks, ribbon, markers and star stickers.

A Crafty Menu

Making food is a craft and an art, but it need not be complicated. Use your favorite white salad dressing and prepare a salad using red vegetables such as bell peppers and cherry tomatoes and intersperse cauliflower and a string of blueberries to get your party off to the right start. Make sundaes using cherry or strawberry, vanilla and blueberry ice cream topped off with red, white and blue sprinkles. For the fruit lovers, dip some fresh strawberries in whipped cream to the middle of each berry and use blue food coloring to color the whipped cream for the tips.

Show Your Colors

Adults and children alike will have fun making spinners that will blow in the wind. They are simple to make, and if you set up a table for making them away from the food, they can keep people occupied for quite a while. Guests can quickly make beaded flag pins, using safety pins as a base, and wear them with pride. For little hands, bracelets made out of red, white and blue string or yarn and decorated with beads will be mementos of the party that last a long time. Offer face painting using red, white and blue face paint to guests of all ages.

Inside and Out

Intertwine stripes of red, white and blue crepe streamers to hang on the ceiling or from poles, if you are holding the party outdoors. Plant small American flags on wooden posts in groups of three in planters or a flowerpot near the front or back door. Decorate your tables using red,white and blue flowers. If your party is outdoors at night, use small red, white and blue string lights for a glittering atmosphere.

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