How to Get Past the Well of Souls in "Indiana Jones: the Original Adventures" for PSP

by Vivek Saxena

Getting past the Well of Souls in "Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures" requires determination and a keen eye. The Well of Souls is known as one of the most difficult stages in the game. It starts out with Indy and Sallah trapped in a snake pit, and you know how much Indy hates snakes. Using Indy, Sallah and later Marion, you must make your way out of this pit one step at a time.

Step 1

Fling your whip at the top of your screen to make a bridge appear. Switch to Sallah and cross the bridge. Push the large statues towards the north wall to uncover LEGO pieces. Use these pieces to build a bonfire and then use a torch from the wall to light it. The snakes will go away -- switch back to Indy and cross the pit. Once he's on the other side, have him and Sallah stand on the large round switch to open the door. Enter the next room.

Step 2

Switch to Sallah and use his shovel to pick apart the yellow spikes and kill the snakes. Switch back to Indy, bring him into the room and have him smash the pottery along the right wall to uncover the blue book. Have him read the book to make the hieroglyphs on the wall shine. Pay attention to the order in which they shine -- you will need to click them in that same order to open the door. Enter the next room.

Step 3

Try to climb the stairs. As you climb them, they will turn into a glossy ramp, causing you to slide back to the bottom. Kill the army of little bugs that appear and pick up the key they leave behind. Use the key on the gears on the far right side of the room to open the gateway. Step through it and use Sallah's shovel to break apart the wall. Enter the next room.

Step 4

Assemble the strewn-about LEGO pieces to acquire a Statue Head. Carry the head back to the ramp and place it on the base with the white arrow sitting to the right of it. This will turn the ramp back into stairs. Climb the stairs to the upstairs lobby and pick up the brown block situated on the large sphinx statue's right foot and the diamond situated on its left foot. Place the block on the green statue base and put the diamond in the sphinx statue's right eye to clear the way to the next room. Enter it.

Step 5

Shovel through the left wall, pick up the LEGO piece and place it on the green base beneath the middle hole on the north side of the room. Pick up the golden ball and place it in the leftmost hole. Use Sallah's shovel to dig through the patch in the center of the room. Place the last ball in the middle hole to find the Ark and trigger an interlude. After the interlude, you will be in another tomb with Marion instead of Sallah.

Step 6

Have Indy and Marion hop on the platform and then have Indy use the rope to whip across the pit. Direct him to the right side of the new area and have him punch his way through the spider webs. Pick up the shovel and use it to dig up a lever device. Pull the device and a pathway will open, allowing Marion to cross over and join Indy. Use both of them to pull the two ropes hanging from above to open the door to the next room. Enter it.

Step 7

Pick up the cogs and the key. Place the cogs on the gears in the center of the room and use the key on the switch on the wall to make the platform rise. Switch to Marion, jump on the platform and close the shutters across the wall. Switch back to Indy and have him join her. Then, have them both walk along the platform until you encounter two floor switches. Position Indy on one switch and Marion on the other to open the door. Enter the next room.

Step 8

Fling Indy's whip at the other side of the room to jump over there. Use the shovel to dig along the floor until you find LEGO pieces. Use the pieces to turn them into brown handholds. Shove the handholds into the wall to create a ladder to the platform above. Have Indy climb it and then have him fling his whip at the top of the screen to make a bridge appear. Switch to Marion and have her pick up the key on the bridge. Then, join Indy on the platform. Use the key on the wall switch and have Marion turn one gear as Indy turns the other to make the final boss -- a big snake -- appear.

Step 9

Pick up the torches along the platform you're on (there are many of them) and throw them at the snake to kill it. After it dies, it will turn into stone and then break apart into three large blocks. Climb back down and use the blocks to build a platform in the right corner of the room. Climb the platform and press the button to open the door. Enter it to complete the stage.


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