How to Get Past the Sandstorm of Bikanel in "Final Fantasy X"

by K.C. Moore

When your party first reaches the Bikanel Island in "Final Fantasy X," a large sandstorm blocks access to certain parts of the area. During your first visit, there is nothing that you can do about the sandstorm. However, when you return later in the game using your airship, you discover that the sandstorm is a defense mechanism used by the local population of Cactuars to hide their home. Finding all 10 of the hidden Cactuars stops the sandstorm, allowing you to access a new area containing hidden treasures.

Step 1

Fly to Bikanel Island on your airship and interact with the stone carving of a Cactuar to begin the mini-game. You must find all 10 Cactuar gatekeepers and sneak up on them to obtain their sphere.

Step 2

Find the first Cactuar in the shadows at the Oasis. Whenever you find a Cactuar, battle with them to receive their sphere, although you still receive the sphere whether you win or run away. However, if your party is knocked out in battle, you still receive a Game Over.

Step 3

Return to the Cactuar rock where you obtained your first clue to place the sphere in the altar. You must return to this area and place the sphere each time you receive one to obtain your next clue and to cause the next Cactuar to appear.

Step 4

Find the second Cactuar in west side of the Sanubia Desert.

Step 5

Examine the nearby "20% Off" sign to make the next Cactuar appear. Catch the Cactuar to obtain its sphere.

Step 6

Walk to the ruins in Center Sanubia Desert to find the next two Cactuars, which are standing together.

Step 7

Examine the Save Sphere in East Sanubia Desert to make the next Cactuar appear. Catch the Cactuar to obtain its sphere.

Step 8

Open the treasure chest on the western side of Central Sanubia Desert to make the next Cactuar appear. Catch it to obtain its sphere.

Step 9

Walk to the holes where your party battled the Sandragoras previously in the game to find the next Cactuar. If the Cactuar is not there, go to a different area and then return to cause it to spawn.

Step 10

Find the next Cactuar by the Save Sphere in the Oasis. It will transport itself onto your airship. Use the Save Sphere to travel onto your airship and walk out onto the top deck to catch the Cactuar.

Step 11

Turn around immediately after receiving the final clue to find the final Cactuar. Obtain its sphere and place it in the altar to stop the sandstorm and access previously unreachable areas.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you successfully sneak up on the Cactuar within the allotted time limit, you receive its personal sphere. If you fail in either aspect, you will receive the Sphere del Perdedor instead. The only difference between the two is that you receive special treasures for collecting the Cactuar's personal spheres, however, the Sphere de Perdedor will still deactivate the sandstorm.
  • Equip the "No Encounters" ability on one of your party members to avoid enemy encounters while searching for the Cactuars. This allows you to quickly complete the side quest.

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