Party Themes for Two-Year Olds

by Tania K. Cowling
Toddlers are beginning to enjoy parties.

Toddlers are beginning to enjoy parties.

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Looking for good birthday party themes for a 2-year-old? The family dinner with a cake and candles may suffice, however some toddlers may enjoy a themed party along with friends from nursery school or play groups. Keep themes simple and focus on ones that are familiar to children of this age group.

At the Zoo Party

By age 2, most toddlers know zoo animals and the sounds they make. Invite a small group of children and their parents and meet at a local zoo. If a zoo is not close, think about a petting farm with local animals. Pack a simple lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, juice and animals crackers in individual boxes for the toddlers. Take quilts to sit on for a picnic lunch. Little ones are not really into games at this age, but most toddlers will engage in copy-cat animal activities where they can roar like a lion, hop like a kangaroo or growl like a bear.

Present a Crayon Party

Give a small box of crayons tied with ribbons and the information tucked inside as the invitation or use this as a favor and invite your guests another way. Tell your guests to come in crayon-colored clothing. Have a variety of crayon crafts for the kids to engage in. They can color a tablecloth, where the table is covered with butcher paper or make self-portraits where the child lies on the paper and the parent traces around them. Let the children decorate these items for as long as their attention lasts. Serve colorful foods for a lunch or snack, including a bright fruit salad and crayon-decorated cake.

A Dinosaur Stomp Party

Most kids love dinosaurs, even at a young age. For party fun, host a dinosaur fossil hunt. Hide small plastic dinosaur toys in a sandbox or fill a child's wading pool with clean sand. Let's the toddlers hunt for the toys, making sure everyone gets a few. For another toddler game, place large paper dinosaur footprints on the floor and while playing music, have the children dance and stomp on the footprints. Instead of a cake, make "dino egg" ice cream. Scoop ice cream and roll each one in colorful candy sprinkles. Place each egg into a cupcake liner and freeze until ready to serve.

Happy Clown Party

Have a person greet the children when they arrive and paint a clown face on them with non-toxic face paint. A red nose and a flower or design on their cheek will do. Create a tent-like decoration by hanging streamers of crepe paper from a center ceiling fixture and taping them to the chairs around the party table. Have a parade of the clowns where the toddlers can march around the room with their clown faces and instruments. Serve clown cones as a dessert by placing a pointed sugar cone on top of a scoop of ice cream on a plate. Let the children decorate the clown faces with candies or chopped fruit.


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