Party Themes for Parents

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Create an engaging party for your kids with an exciting theme.

Create an engaging party for your kids with an exciting theme.

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When trying to plan a kid-pleasing party, selecting a theme is an effective place to start. By beginning with theme selection, you can more easily craft a cohesive event that the child being honored, as well as his guests, will likely appreciate. When choosing your theme, seek one that is aligned with your child's interests to ensure that the party you plan meets his potentially strict expectations.

Fun in the Kitchen

Many kids delight in having the opportunity to whip up something delicious in the kitchen. For one day and one day only, turn kids loose in your space by planning a "fun in the kitchen" party. Purchase chef hats and aprons for your party guests, allowing them to take them home as favors. Gather all the fixin's necessary to make individual pizzas, customized sub sandwiches or sugary cupcakes. As kids create delicious products in the kitchen, snap pictures. After the event, print copies of the pictures and send them, along with a thank-you-for-attending card, to each of your party guests.

Tropical Fun

Though your backyard likely doesn't contain a sandy beach, you can craft one -- or at least something similar -- by hosting a tropical-fun party. If you have a backyard pool, make this watery delight the center of your party. If not, get several inflatable pools to place around your yard. Ask guests to come in their favorite bathing suits or dressed in their best Hawaiian shirts. Create an ocean backdrop by painting a beach scene on an old sheet and hanging it up at the back of your party venue. Play tropic steel-drum music or a nature sounds CD with lapping waves. Find a person skilled in the art of hula to teach a lesson to your guests, instructing them on the basic of this tropical dance. As your guests enjoy the event, serve them tropical mocktales, such as alcohol-free piña coladas or similar drinks.

Underwater Adventure

Let your guests enjoy the beauties of the deep by creating an underwater adventure party. Play a fish-themed movie such as "Finding Nemo" or "The Little Mermaid" in your family room for guests to enjoy. When selecting decorations, stick with shades of blue, creating the cool feel of the ocean floor. Feature goldfish crackers as your party snack of choice. For a festive and theme-appropriate party favor, send each guest home with a new pet goldfish.

Drive In

Give your guests all the fun of a night at the drive-in without leaving your home. Using a video projector, project a film on the back of your house or on a large screen made from an old bed sheet. Pop popcorn and serve up candies to give your guests a tasty, and movie-themed, treat at your big event. When planning your invitations, model them after movie posters, surrounding the invites with a theater-style marquee that says "Coming Soon" with illustrated lights creating a festive border. Feature a picture of your party honoree as the central image on your poster while finishing it out with the details of the party.

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