Party Themes for Hannah Montana

by Kristen Bailey
A Hannah Montana Party is a great G.N.O. for tweens.

A Hannah Montana Party is a great G.N.O. for tweens.

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There are lots of ways to make a Hannah Montana party fun and exciting, for the birthday girl and all of her guests. Let the girls take to the stage for a rocking and rolling good time that they are sure to remember always. A theme like "Pumpin' Up the Party" would be a great way to include a moon bounce in the festivities, and a "Party in the USA" theme would be great in July.


Print invitations with Hannah Montana's image and a message from one of her song lyrics such as "It's a Party in the USA". Or write "Gotta Make This Party Grow" or "Rock out the Show" at my birthday party. Include sparkly confetti in the invitation envelope.


Decorate the front sidewalk of your house (or the hallway in your foyer) with a red carpet for the guests to walk down. Use inexpensive red felt or red vinyl tablecloths cut down the middle and attached end to end. Have paparazzi (adults with cameras) snap pictures of the girls as they arrive and walk in. Have pink and silver party balloons tied to the chairs and doorknobs, and sprinkle silver star confetti onto the counter tops or party table. Hannah Montana plates, balloons, cups and napkins are available at many party stores and discount stores. If doing "Party in the USA" as a theme, include patriotic decorations.

Party Games and Activities

Rent or borrow a karaoke machine and let girls take turns singing their favorite Hannah Montana songs for each other. Go to your local party store and purchase feather boas and tutus or skirts girls can pull over their outfits while they perform. Have stilettos and butterfly wings, and a pair of "kicks" (sneakers). Do rock star makeovers. Have an adult helper assist you in making up the girls with eye shadows, blushers and lipsticks --- the more glittery, the better. Wigs and fake hairpieces to mimic Miley's transformation to Hannah can be fun as well. Another party activity can be a jewelry table where girls can use beads and elastic string to make their own souvenir bracelets, or lucky bracelets like the one Lilly gave to Miley. Create a Rico's Surf Shop Hangout by using a section of counter or a toy lemonade stand to serve juice and smoothies. String the counter with tiki lights.

Favor Boxes

Purchase Hannah Montana favor boxes or use simple pink gift bags with handles. Burn a CD with some of Hannah's best songs, or songs from the movie. Let the birthday girl help you choose her favorites, and make a copy for each guest. Include guitar picks, small pink bottles of bubbles and candy MP3 players. Include brightly colored lollipops, with a printed label calling them Ollie-pops, Lilly's nickname for Oliver. The major party stores sell Hannah Montana lip gloss rings, notebooks, tattoos, stickers and pens.


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