Party Themes for 16-Year-Olds

by Amanda Williams
There are many teen party themes from which to choose.

There are many teen party themes from which to choose.

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As your child grows up, he or she becomes less interested in pinatas and goody-bags. Instead, teenagers are interested in having fun, memorable parties with good friends. If your soon-to-be 16-year-old is interested in throwing a party, help him choose a party theme based on factors such as invitations, entertainment, decorations, activities and menu choices.

Sports Theme

If your son or daughter is heavily interested in sports, throw a sports-themed party. Invite guests to the party by mailing out sport ticket-like invitations with the event's name, location and time. Party activities can include games such as football, laser tag, paintball, soccer and hockey. Divide up party guests into groups to play games and award the winning team with ribbons. Party food ideas include typical game foods such as chips, dip, vegetables, chicken wings, shrimp, sandwiches, Swedish meatballs and cookies.

Broadway Theme

A Broadway party theme is perfect for your live-art-loving teen -- especially because at this party, your teen is the star of the show. Customized admit-one tickets make fitting party invitations. For decorations, set up lots of stage lights in different colors. Place skyscraper decals on the walls and hang posters of popular Broadway shows. Entertainment includes a stage with karaoke and a costume contest. For food, hand out menus of meals chosen by your teen, such as pasta, salads, grilled chicken, sushi or steamed vegetables. After guests put in their orders, serve the food while they watch a Broadway movie. End the movie with some New York cheesecake.

Hollywood Theme

Treat your 16-year-old like a celebrity by throwing her a Hollywood party. Hollywood parties are all about glamour and fame. Set the stage with a red carpet leading to the party location. Customized, plastic Oscar award trophies make fitting party invitations. Enlist family members and friends to serve as paparazzi at the red carpet. As for decor, set up various spaces, including a lounge space, an eating area and a dance area with a DJ. Hang large letters on the wall that spell out "Hollywood." Party food includes bite-sized treats such as mini-hamburgers, cupcakes, tea sandwiches and kabobs.

Retro Theme

The 1950s and 1960s are two decades that are well recognized for people and events such as Elvis, Neil Armstrong, the sale of the first television, Martin Luther King Jr's famous speech and Woodstock. Today, we recognize this as the retro era. The retro era makes for a great party theme. Make groovy party invitations with tie-dyed paper. Hang up posters of popular bands such as The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Temptations and play their music from an old cassette player. Ask guests to wear traditional '50s or '60s apparel such as poodle skirts, large sweaters, flower-print tops, velvet pants and bowling shirts. For party food, serve guests popular retro meals and beverages such as Tang drinks, fondue, buffalo wings, fruit punch, hot dogs, pizza and coffee.

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