Party Table Themes

by Kristen Marquette

When events such as weddings or formal parties have a seating chart, the tables are generally numbered so the guests can find their seats easier. Spice up the seating arrangement by giving each table its own theme instead of a number. Party table themes add visual interest to each table but also lend a sense of creative whimsy to the entire event.

Movie Stars

Replace your table number with the names of movies stars. Choose your favorite current actors, such as Leonardo DiCaprio or Natalie Portman, or old movie stars such as Cary Grant or Bette Davis. For a more congruent theme, pick actors from your favorite movie or play. Frame a photo of each actor and place it on the table so guests can find their seats.


Give your tables an opulent ambiance by assigning each table a different gemstone, such as a garnet, sapphire, diamond or emerald. For example, make a sign that reads "Garnet Table," set the table with dark red napkins and a vase with fake garnets. Scatter dark red confetti or small fake garnets on the table.


Assign each table a different major city. Choose iconic cities in the United States such as New York City, San Francisco and Chicago. Or go global by naming tables after London, Paris and Rome. Use an icon from each city such as a model of the Empire State Building, the San Francisco Bridge or the Eiffel Tower. Scatter postcards from the city around the table.


Give each table a flower theme. Choose easily recognized flowers such as roses, orchids, irises or daffodils. The floral center pieces should correspond with the flower assigned to the table. Just in case some of your guest don't know their flowers, also display a sign stating the table's theme.


Add pops of color to your party by selecting a different color for every table. For simplicity, choose primary colors such as red and blue and secondary colors such as green and orange. To give your tables more sophisticated sounding names, go with colors such as scarlet, indigo or teal. The tablecloth, napkins and floral centerpiece should match the table's designated color.


Let your sweet tooth inspire your party table themes. Make an M&M; table, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup table and a Skittles tables. Set out small bowls of the candy around the table so guests have something fun to snack on. Also, make a sign stating the theme of the table.

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